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Birthstone bracelets

Birthstone bracelet | KAYA Jewelry

Are you looking for a meaningful gift? A bracelet with a birthstone always goes well! A birthstone necklace or bracelet is a must have for every mother, so she can always keep her kids close. Each month has its own birthstone with a unique meaning. Which stone corresponds to your birth month? You can read all about it in KAYA's blog about birthstones by color and month .

A birthstone bracelet tells your story!

Your birthstone bracelet is of course not just a beautiful accessory. The bracelet with birthstones tells a story. This way you always keep your loved ones close by using birthstones. To complete the story, you can add all kinds of different charms to your bracelet at KAYA. Are you looking for a bracelet with a letter and birthstone? You've come to the right place! A birthstone bracelet with name and birth flower is also possible. At KAYA you are assured of a unique piece of jewelry.

Birthstone bracelet gold and silver

The birthstone bracelet is so personal that you prefer to put it together yourself. Everything is possible at KAYA! The birthstone jewelry is available in three colors, made from only the best materials. We work with .925 sterling silver, over which we place an 18 carat (rose) gold plated layer. The clasp of the bracelet is a sturdy carabiner, so your bracelet will remain beautiful for years! The jewelry is neatly packaged in a luxurious jewelry box with a satin bow, fun to give and receive!

Bracelet with birthstone: for young & old!

Are you looking for a mom bracelet with birthstone? At KAYA we provide jewelry for the whole family. The birthstone bracelets are available in different lengths and thicknesses, so you can also put together a child's birthstone bracelet. It's even more fun when you shop for a birthstone bracelet for mom & her mini-me. How they will shine together!

Order birthstone bracelet online

Order your birthstone bracelet easily online at KAYA Jewelry. The range is wide & you can make the piece of jewelry completely your own. We always ship quickly, because we understand that you would have preferred to wear the piece of jewelry on your wrist yesterday. With every order you will receive a sweet card & silver cleaning cloth from us. A good polish every now and then ensures that your jewelry always continues to sparkle. Do you have a question or need help placing an order? Contact us by email , chat or telephone. We are happy to help you!

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