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urban chic collection

Urban Chic collection

KAYA's Urban Chic collection is inspired by the cool city with twinkling autumn lights. Think of stylish autumn colors blue, green and black, combined with radiant stainless steel. In the collection you will find necklaces and bracelets with the characteristic round sailor clasp. The pendants allow you to put together your own personal piece of jewelry. These can be easily combined with finer necklaces and bracelets with matching lobster clasps. If you really want to stand out, try the statement earrings from this Urban Chic collection. Because even with a warm scarf around your neck or a high turtleneck, your earrings really deserve to be seen!

The origins of the Urban Chic collection with autumn colours

Summer is over, the days are getting shorter and it's getting dark earlier and earlier. During these cold months, not only our office in Leiden comes alive with sparkling lights, but also our city! In autumn you will see beautiful autumn colors and sparkling lights in the city. They symbolize the warm, cozy evenings against a background of wet, cold, dark days. At the design table, rustic colors and chic sparkle came together: 'Urban Chic Collection'. Our own colleague shines as a model in this photo shoot. The image with the characteristic Leiden canal houses in the background is enveloped by a warm glow, the inspiration for the colors in this collection. We see this inspiration reflected in the Urban Chic collection. Each piece of jewelry is a combination of radiant stainless steel and warm green, sleek blue or chic black. This way you can blend cool and elegant into the autumn atmosphere of the big city. Authentic, local and personalized by hand, that's what the Urban Chic Collection is all about!

Urban Chic jewelry

In the Urban Chic collection you will find necklaces, earrings, rings and earrings. Many of the necklaces and bracelets have black, blue or green stones. As you are used to from us, you can personalize this so that you put together your unique piece of jewelry. And we are fans of mixing & matching at KAYA, which is why you will also find some beautiful basic stainless steel jewelry in this collection that you can combine well with the autumn colors. Earrings in this collection are a mix between subtle earrings in the colors of Urban Chic and striking statement earrings. The choice is yours, you can combine endlessly and wear your unique jewelry set. So that you can get through the dark days with radiance.


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