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necklace with photo

Necklace with photo at KAYA Jewelry

How special is this? A pendant with photo makes your KAYA Jewelry very personal. Who knows, maybe you remember this wonderful principle from the past: grandpa always carried a photo of grandma in his wallet, she wore his photo around her neck, in a necklace with a locket . At KAYA we loved this idea so much that we created an entire collection of .925 sterling silver and gold plated chains for it. This way you can have your most beautiful moments captured in a precious piece of jewelry. Maybe you will later pass this piece of jewelry on to your (grand)child. Putting together your photo necklace is very simple: choose your favorite locket, choose the color and upload your photo, we will do the rest! 

Photo necklace to carry your loved ones close

Thanks to the pendant with photo, you always carry your loved ones with you. We will lovingly place your favorite photo in a locket, so that you can wear it on your heart. A photo of your children, your dear partner or your parents, you feel the love in the piece of jewelry. Also very beautiful: keep the memory of your deceased grandfather or grandmother in a loving photo necklace. This is acommemorative piece of jewelry that you will cherish forever.

Necklace photo as a gift

Do you want to surprise someone with a very unique and personal gift? With a photo necklace you not only give a beautiful accessory, but also a warm memory gift. A beautiful holiday photo, the proud moment of graduation or a precious photo of grandpa or grandma. Not only will they shine when they open the pink jewelry box, you will see a tear sparkle when they click open the subtle locket. This wonderful gift is priceless.

Personalize necklace with photo

A picture says more than a thousand words. The necklace with photo actually doesn't need anything anymore, but as you have come to expect from us: every piece of jewelry can be personalised. You can also have a personal engraving placed on the photo medallions. How about an initial, for example? Or a handwritten text? Have the necklace engraved and it is extra unique. Do you really want to tell a story with your necklace? Then add some symbolic charms. These symbolize the beautiful memories that match the photo in the locket. Your photo jewelry is like a book: it tells a unique story that you always carry with you.

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