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Christmas earrings

Are you already counting down to the holidays? Get together with dear friends and family, dine extensively and have long conversations. Then all around the Christmas tree to unwrap the presents. At KAYA we love it and we are of course happy to help you with the most special packages for under the tree. Because let's face it: the smallest packages are often incredibly beautiful and valuable. This way you can surprise your dear sister, best friend or grandmother with a beautiful pair of Christmas earrings. She's already glowing when she opens the soft pink earring box, what a perfect gift!

Earrings to shine at Christmas

Of course you can also just buy yourself a nice pair of Christmas earrings. Because although the month of December is often all about giving, you can also spoil yourself every now and then. Have you already thought about your outfit for Christmas brunch or dinner? A beautiful pair of Christmas earrings from KAYA completes the picture. The luxury earrings with birthstone not only look fantastic, they also have a very special meaning. That way you at least have something nice to say at the table. Or how about a beautiful pair of pendants with stars and moons whose shimmer subtly shines through your hair.

Christmas earrings silver

KAYA's silver Christmas earrings are made of the highest silver content so that your earrings remain beautiful forever. Are you more of the gold? For example, go for a gold-plated set of Christmas earrings: a gold layer is applied over the silver core of the Christmas earring. You prefer to take off these gold-plated Christmas earrings when you take a shower, so that they do not lose their golden shine. If you order a set of Christmas earrings, we will always pack them in a luxury earrings box with a polishing cloth and greeting card. Nice to give as a gift and handy to store the jewelry.

Stainless steel earrings Christmas

Stainless steel jewelry, also called stainless steel jewelry, is very hot. You will of course understand that we have also added a number of cool stainless steel Christmas earrings to our collection. From subtle buttons to striking pendants: at KAYA everyone will find a suitable pair of earrings. Did you know that stainless steel jewelry offers many advantages? They are good to wear in the shower because they do not discolour. Another nice side effect: stainless steel earrings are slightly cheaper than your silver or gold plated earrings. Did you know that you can also shop with us for a cool stainless steel Christmas necklace ? We have put together a nice collection for you!

Christmas earrings child

You probably remember it from when you were little yourself: the most magical thing about Christmas is all those packages under the Christmas tree. Their eyes sparkle with enthusiasm when they see their name on the largest package, but you know that the small boxes are also very valuable. This way you can surprise your little girl this year with a very nice set of Christmas earrings for children . She can open this package a little earlier, so that she is the shining centerpiece during the Christmas dinner.

Team KAYA wishes you a merry Christmas

One thing is certain: with these beautiful Christmas earrings you will experience an unforgettable Christmas Eve. Whether you give the earrings as a gift or shop for yourself: you immediately start to shine when the loving package falls on your doormat. And to make the party complete, you will receive a beautifulChristmas bracelet with stars from our gift from December 6th when you spend from € 20,-. Just like that, because everyone deserves to shine during the holidays with beautiful Christmas jewelry . On behalf of team KAYA, we wish you and your loved ones a magical December.

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