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Necklace with fingerprint: unique and personal

A fingerprint necklace is a unique and personal piece of jewelry. Every individual has its own fingerprint. that's why there's nothing more personal than a fingerprint necklace . Engrave a fingerprint of your child, husband, best friend, mother or grandmother. Everything is possible! At KAYA we work with the most beautiful materials: 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated or 18 carat rose gold plated.

Fingerprint necklace at an affordable price

Would you like a fingerprint necklace at an affordable price? Then you have come to the right place at KAYA Jewelry. We have a large collection of necklaces that you can engrave according to your own wishes on the highest quality 925 sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated or 18 carat rose gold plated. At KAYA you can easily order a fingerprint necklace by uploading a photo of the print via the website.

Personalize your fingerprint with chain

At KAYA Jewelry you can personalize a ladies necklace silver with fingerprint entirely according to your own wishes. Choose the desired pendant and have it engraved with a fingerprint and personal text. Do you go for a pendant in the shape of a heart, a disc or in the shape of a bar. At KAYA Jewelry it is all possible. Do you want a fingerprint on the front of the necklace and a handwritten text on the back? This is also possible. In addition, it is also possible to engrave a fingerprint in combination with a handwritten text.

A necklace with a fingerprint as a memorial jewellery

A fingerprint necklace can be used in many ways. It is also often used as memorial jewelry for a lost loved one. A memorial piece has a high emotional value and should be a beautiful reminder of a lost loved one. How nice is it to have the fingerprint engraved on a necklace? This way you have a beautiful memory and you always carry your loved one close to you. At KAYA Jewelry it is also possible to order a necklace with a photo or handwritten text. Do you have a handwritten card from your deceased grandmother? Let us engrave the text on a necklace for you.

Jewelry with fingerprint

In addition to the necklaces, you will find many more fingerprint jewelry at KAYA. For example, you can also go for a ring with a fingerprint . Think of a set of rings, so that you and your loved one always carry each other close to you. A bracelet with fingerprint is of course also available. The fingerprint of one or more children is often engraved on this, very beautiful! As you can see, there is something for everyone when it comes to fingerprint jewelry!

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