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jewelry silver Silver jewelry from KAYA Jewelry

At KAYA you will find an extensive collection of silver jewelry for the whole family. From women's bracelets or necklaces to the nicest silver children's jewelry . Whether you are looking for a gift for your best friend or you want to give your own outfit something extra: there is always a suitable piece of jewelry in our collection. And did you know that we engrave your jewelry free of charge? This way you turn your jewelry into a personal story that you can always carry with you.

Silver jewelry always remains beautiful

Because at KAYA we believe that your jewelry tells a story, we think it is important that it remains beautiful forever. We therefore only work with the most beautiful and strongest materials. For example, all silver jewelry on this page is made of the highest grade .925 sterling silver. If you take good care of your silver jewelry , it will remain beautiful forever. At KAYA you will receive a silver polishing cloth as standard with your order, so that you can polish your silver jewelry if necessary. This way you carry your story with you forever. Who knows, you might pass this beautiful piece of jewelry on to your (grand)daughter later.

Silver jewelry set

Can't you choose because you think all silver jewelry is beautiful? We completely understand, so we have already put together some silver jewelry sets for you. The slightly coarser cute balls can be combined very well with the subtle speechless bracelet. Also very popular in our webshop: the mother-daughter jewelry sets: with this you are forever connected. Of course you can also put together a silver jewelry set yourself; you simply place your favorite jewelry in your shopping cart.

Silver jewelry for women or men

Looking for silver jewelry for ladies? The choice at KAYA is huge. Our collection of silver jewelry for women is extremely extensive. Whether you like subtle necklaces or chunkier bracelets: at KAYA every lady will find the silver jewelry that suits her. But what about silver men's jewelry? We have a wide range of silver-colored jewelry for men. However, these are not made of silver, but of stainless steel. Perfect for tough men, because this strong material can take a beating.

You can buy modern silver jewelry online at KAYA Jewelry

At KAYA we have given age-old silver jewelry a modern look. You can have almost all silver jewelry personalized with us. Add meaningful charms, birthstones or even a personal engraving to your jewelry. Thanks to this special piece of jewelry you will always carry your story with you. Your order is always neatly packaged in a luxurious jewelry box or silk pouch. Handy, because it gives you a nice place to store your modern silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry is the most beautiful gift

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift for mom , grandpa or best friend? You can't go wrong with a jewel like the silver bangle . The gift is engraved with love, packaged and always shipped quickly. With your order we supply a silver cleaning cloth and greeting card on which you can write a sweet message, so that the gift is completely complete. You will receive the package through the letterbox, so you do not have to stay at home.

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