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baby shower gift

Baby shower gift for mom and baby

Do you celebrate a baby shower with friends? And would you like to surprise the expectant mum with a babyshower gift? View below our unique jewelery collection, from cute baby bracelets to mother & baby bracelets. All meaningful babyshower gifts to put the future mom and the upcoming baby in the limelight. Certainly know that this is a successful gift!

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What is a baby shower? And what do you give as a present?

A few weeks before the birth, the expectant mum is put in the limelight by her friends and family. She is showered with meaningful cute gifts to celebrate the upcoming motherhood. The house is nicely decorated and often a nice baby cake or cupcakes are brought. The baby shower tradition comes from America and is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. How nice is it just right before the delivery to reflect on how special it is that a new milestone is coming.

Mother baby bracelets, unique baby shower gift for baby and mom

Extra fun is that the bracelets can now also be personalized with a name charm, text charm with personal message or the letter of the child's first name. Very nice during her first photo shoot or birthday. And of course the mother is also thought of; a matching mommy bracelet is available with every baby bracelet . Ideal to surprise a new mother with a special gift. The baby bracelets are very cute to wear and later form a tangible reminder of the baby's time.

Original baby shower gift

An original baby shower gift completes the baby shower. Looking for something other than the umpteenth baby cuddle? View below the collection birth jewelry, for baby and the Christmas new mom. For example a mother-daughter set, so sweet, forever connected. Or engrave the baby name (if you already know it) in a silver jewel. Success guaranteed! and giving jewelry at a special moment, that is an 'always good' gift for every new mom. She has carefully selected the children's name, how nice to lay this down in a silver birth council forever? She always carries her little one close to her heart. Our birth jewels are all made from luxurious materials, a special memory forever!