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“This is not Fair” says Daan, my 5 years old son. While my two daughters have a whole collection of jewelry, Daan has nothing at all. And so, I intended to do something towards this, and we designed a Mother & Son jewelry collection. Now, I just enjoy him holding my hand proudly!

You and me, lets rock the world!

At KAYA, you will find several Mother & Son bracelets. We have .925 silver onyx stone bracelets with silver stars, Tibetan Shamballa bracelets, and “key to my heart” bracelets.

All of these bracelets are made of real precious stones such as onyx, blue gold stones, turquoise, and tiger. Thus, you will get a high quality bracelet that lasts.

With each bracelet you order from KAYA, you will get a luxurious silk pouch that you can use to present your gift, or you can store your bracelet in it.


Meaning shamballa bracelets and gems

The Hand-woven Shamballa bracelets come with an easy sliding system, and so the length of the bracelets is adjustable.

There is a philosophy behind the Shamballa bracelets, which is that the one who wears the Shamballa bracelets is believed to carry the power of the gems.

  • Onyx: Ancient Egyptians as well as the Romans believed that this stone was a very important protective stone. They believed that this stone gives strength and perseverance to achieve goals. A perfect stone for your cool kids!
  • Turquoise: It is believed, that this hot stone, brings balance and creates inner peace.
  • Blue Goldstone: Contains small glittering from which powerful energy sparkles! It is also known as the stone of wisdom and science and is said that the stone brings good luck.
  • Tiger Eye: is a protective stone that is believed it gives peace. It is said that tiger eye gives you strength, courage, confidence, and insight in difficult situations.