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mother and son bracelet For mom and her cool son!

"It's not fair," I was told by my son Daan (then 7 years old). While my two daughters have a whole collection of mother-daughter bracelets , he had 'absolutely nothing'. I wanted to do something about this call, so we designed a small collection of mother & son jewelry together. Now he also proudly holds mom's hand... while we wear our matching bracelets.

You and me, lets rock the world!

Looking for nice mom jewelry ? KAYA has several mother son bracelets . From tiger eye or onyx bracelets that you can personalize with your name or initials, for example, to sturdy stainless steel link bracelets with a name or leather bracelets with engraving. All made of real gemstones (onyx and tiger eye), durable stainless steel and beautiful cowhide leather. This way you provide real quality jewelry that will last a long time. These cool mother son bracelets are perfect Mother's Day jewelry !

Meaning of gemstone onyx

For the boys' bracelets we like to work with Onyx, a beautiful black gemstone. Onyx was one of the most important protective stones in both ancient Egypt and the Romans. They believed that the stone gave strength and perseverance to achieve your goals. A perfect stone for cool kids and moms!

A bracelet for mother and son, a cool gift!

Would you like to give a special gift to the sweetest mother and her handsome son? Then KAYA Jewelry is your place to shop for a beautiful set. The bracelets are our bestsellers, so you will often find them on this page. We have also designed a collection of father-son bracelets especially for dads, nice to give as a gift! Also nice: bracelets for the whole family, one with black onyx beads for dad & son and for mom a beautiful bracelet for ladies . This way everyone can see that you belong together, how sweet! All orders are composed with care. We personalize exactly the way you want, package every product in a beautiful gift box and all packages fit through the letterbox.

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