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zodiac sign necklaces

Zodiac sign necklace

At KAYA jewelry we love personal jewelry that tells your story. Jewelry that lasts a lifetime to keep your unique story close. That is why we have put together this collection of zodiac sign jewelry especially for you. You can choose the classic version or a modern version. The classic charm is a matte finished circle of 16mm in diameter, with an elegant edge in which your zodiac sign is printed in the middle. The modern charm has a sleeker design with the zodiac sign cut out of the circle of 10mm in diameter.

A zodiac sign necklace is a nice gift

Are you looking for a nice gift for someone else? Or maybe it's time to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry. Then choose a necklace with a zodiac sign. Do you already have a necklace yourself? Then you can also choose a separate charm, we ensure that the eye with which the charm is mounted on the chain is included. No chain yet? Then you can choose from four popular models. The great thing about buying jewelry from KAYA Jewelry is that all products are shipped in a beautiful gift box. Nice to receive yourself or ready to give as a gift.

Zodiac sign necklace in silver or gold

All zodiac sign jewelry from KAYA Jewelry is made of silver at the core. This ensures that the jewelry can always be polished until it shines like new. The silver zodiac sign necklaces are of the highest silver content, just like from the jeweler. The gold-colored and rose gold-colored zodiac sign necklaces are gold-plated, so they are made of the highest silver content at the core and are then immersed in a real gold immersion bath. This way you have the beautiful classic gold color or trendy rose gold color at a great price.

Buy zodiac sign jewelry

Are you looking for zodiac sign jewelry? Then you now know where to go. And because we love to personalize, you can always expand the jewelry. Would you rather not have a zodiac sign, but want a beautiful piece of jewelry that matches your birth moment? Maybe a birthstone necklace is something for you. Or maybe you want to expand the zodiac sign necklace with a matching ladies bracelet . Whatever you choose, at KAYA Jewelry you will always succeed if you are looking for a unique and personal piece of jewelry!

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