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nova perola collection

New pearls: the Nova Pérola collection

KAYA's Nova Pérola collection: inspired by the gentle character of the Portuguese fishing village of Vila Nova de Milfontes. We fell in love with the colorful houses, the powerful sea and the clear Mira river. These properties are the basis of our new stainless steel jewelry collection. Imagine it: sand between your toes, a warm glow on your face and soft music in the background. You will not only shine thanks to the sun, but also thanks to the beautiful Nova Pérola jewelry. You can combine these gems - because that's what they are - with every outfit in your suitcase. Describe KAYA's new Nova Pérola collection in one word? In our opinion , the Portuguese saudade fully covers this powerful jewelry collection. Saudade describes a feeling of melancholy, loss and a nostalgic longing for something loved. It is that warm feeling you have when you think back to a beautiful holiday destination, a holiday love and the peace of not having to do anything at all. To maintain this blissful feeling for as long as possible, wear the coral jewelry from our Nova Pérola collection both during and after your holiday. A glimpse of the piece of jewelry takes you to the sun in your mind.

Nova Pérola made from the most beautiful materials

The Nova Pérola jewelry has been designed especially for you with great care and attention. In the collection you will find necklaces, bracelets and anklets made from sustainable materials in beautiful colors and trendy shapes. The blue bracelets are inspired by the turquoise tones of the ocean, they represent peace, serenity and natural beauty. A red bracelet, on the other hand, is fiery and lively like the summer sun. Such a garnet bracelet radiates a sultry and playful energy. The white necklaces are chic and refined: they contrast beautifully with tanned skin and a colorful outfit. Because you like to wear these warm pearls all summer long, we chose very sturdy and natural materials when putting them together. All items from this collection are made of stainless steel and powerful coral. The jewelry is designed so that you can continue to wear it during every beach visit, every summer party and every picnic, even when you take a refreshing dip. Style them with your favorite dress and layer on top! All Nova Pérola jewelry can be wonderfully combined with each other.

Also put together Nova Pérola yourself

Because we like to tell stories at KAYA, you can also put together your own piece of jewelry within this collection. By adding one charm you can turn your red or white bracelet into a cool shell bracelet. Combine this with the jade bracelet, which you personalize by adding an initial. Choose the initials of your loved ones, your own initials or a special meaningful combination. You attach the starfish charm to your necklace, which turns your creation into a playful and summery whole. You design your own Nova Pérola piece of jewelry that will tell the story of your summer. Not looking for a piece of jewelry for yourself? You can also put together the new pearls very well for someone else. For example, they are perfect as a gift for teenagers . For them, the more color and layers, the better. We know one thing for sure: with this collection you will bring summer into your home!


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