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Medallion necklace

With a locket necklace you can carry your loved ones close to you. The small but nice photo is safely stored in your beautiful piece of jewelry. Would you like two photos in your necklace locket? For example from your father and mother, or from your two children? Make sure that you choose a hanger that can hold two photos. Whether you go for one photo or two photos, with a locket on your necklace you have a unique piece of jewelry where you can look at your loved ones wherever and whenever you want!

Give a necklace with a photo locket as a gift

Are you looking for a beautiful and unique gift? A picture says more than 1000 words. A medallion with a photo in it is therefore a bull's-eye. The photo pendant is usually hung on a chain. We have these in different models and lengths so that there is always one that suits your taste. Prefer a bracelet? Of course you can! Just look at this bracelet with medallion .

Engrave silver medallion with chain? That is possible at KAYA Jewelry!

At KAYA Jewelry we specialize in personalizing and engraving jewelry. With asilver locket you can always carry your precious photo with you. Did you know that with most medallions you also have the option to engrave them? This way you can make your necklace with photo even more personal with, for example, a date or name on the front or back. The possibilities are clearly indicated for each piece of jewelry. For example, you can opt for a medallion necklace with a birth flower or name. Got excited about engraving? Then take a look at our engraved necklaces to see what the possibilities are.

Expand necklace with locket?

At KAYA we love personalized jewelry. A medallion necklace is of course already an incredibly beautiful and personal piece of jewelry. But just imagine completing this necklace with your children's birthstones. Or with engraving charms with the names of the loved ones in the locket. Letter charms or just sweet beautiful charms . Whatever you choose, we will ensure that your personal piece of jewelery is on the doormat in no time so that you may even be able to wear it tomorrow!

Buy a mini locket with a child's size chain online

At KAYA we have beautiful children's jewelry in the collection. So you have also come to the right place for a medallion for your child. We advise you to choose a small size, for example the necklace with medallion heart or the necklace with medallion disc . Nice is that it can also be further personalized with, for example, a name or date on the front or back.

Locket with a photo of your dog, cat or other pet

Do you also love your pet? At KAYA it is now possible to wear a photo of your pet in a locket. For the animal lovers among us, this is the perfect way to always have your sweet pet close to you. Whether you want a photo of your dog in the locket, of your cat, hamster or other pet, that's no problem with KAYA. You send us the photo and we ensure that it is beautifully incorporated into the piece of jewelry. Wear the medallion on a beautiful necklace and show everyone how much you love your four-legged friend.

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