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Link bracelet | KAYA Jewelry

A link bracelet should not be missing from every woman's jewelry collection. With us you will find a mix of classic models and trendy paperclip bracelets. This way you can choose a link bracelet that suits you. From simple to completely personalized with name charms, birthstones and other charms. Something for everyone in the KAYA Jewelry collection! 

Link bracelet ladies mix & match!

We see it more and more often, a mix and match of link bracelets on the wrist of ladies. Not only famous Dutch people are spotted with them, wherever you walk you see them everywhere! Not surprising because you can put together your own set so that you have your unique women's link bracelet set together. A wrist full, collected especially for you. If you also want a beautiful necklace, take a look at our women's necklaces to see if there is something that suits your taste. The combinations you can make are endless. Good luck choosing!

Link bracelet in silver, gold or rose

The link bracelets in our women's collection are all made of silver. Do you prefer the colors gold or rose gold? Which can! The gold-colored and rose gold-colored jewelry from KAYA Jewelry has a silver core and then an immersion bath so that they get the beautiful gold color. This is called gold plating and ensures that you can still wear your favorite color at a great price. For each piece of jewelry you can see in which color it is available, which is easy if you already know what you want.

Link bracelet with name or charms

At KAYA Jewelry we love personalized jewelry. We offer many options to turn your link bracelet into a very unique and personal piece of jewelry. The most popular is the link bracelet with name, or the link bracelet with charms. Take a look at our charms to see if there is something to your taste. If you like color, you will probably love our birthstones . If you want to have a name, date or other text engraved, you will certainly succeed with our engraving charms . Or do you go for something really special and have a fingerprint, handwritten text or homemade child's drawing engraved ? Whatever you choose, if you choose charms for your jewelry, we will ensure that they are mounted. We always supply a complete piece of jewelry so that you can wear it immediately.

You can buy a link bracelet for a child at KAYA

Most link bracelets in the KAYA Jewelry collection are also available in a children's size. So if you are looking for a gift for your child, consider a children's link bracelet! You can personalize these as desired, a charm with name and birthstones are popular, because they glitter so beautifully! And then of course we have the classics: the ladybug, the pearl charm and the heart . Do you want a nice set of bracelets for mother and daughter ? Which can! Order a larger version for yourself with the link bracelet for your child. This way your mini-me can wear the same piece of jewelry as her mom ♥

A closed forever bracelet is the perfect gift

Are you looking for a gift? Then you've come to the right place at KAYA Jewelry ! A link bracelet is also called a closed forever bracelet. The name says it all, forever connected. This used to be the case, as the bracelet could no longer be taken off after it was put on. This is no longer the case nowadays, our bracelets are equipped with a sturdy lock so that you can take them off whenever you want. This is a chic and timeless piece of jewelry, perfect for giving as a gift. Did you know that you can also shop with us for a matching women's necklace or women's earrings ? Once you have made a nice choice, we will get to work on making it a beautiful gift.

Give a paperclip bracelet as a gift

If you want to give a gift without any worries, shop at KAYA Jewelry. Just before shipping, your paperclip bracelet will be polished and we pack all our jewelry in a beautiful gift box. From chic boxes with satin ribbon to cute silk jewelry pouches, each piece of jewelry is individually packaged. This way, at KAYA Jewelry you can be sure that your order will be delivered to your home as a very nice gift. Also useful if you can't visit the birthday jet, because it fits through the letterbox. You can even add a personalized card, we will ensure that your text appears on the card and is included with the gift.

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