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Buy necklace with heart

Discover the ultimate expression of love and affection through a beautiful personalized necklace with a heart from KAYA Jewelry. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or want to treat yourself, a heart necklace always radiates love in a stylish way. At KAYA you can choose from different materials and designs, so you can put together your own unique personal heart necklace. Combine it with, for example, a birthstone so that you can carry your loved ones and memories close to you.

From stainless steel to silver necklace with heart

At KAYA you will find something for everyone, from stainless steel to silver and gold plated. The advantage of stainless steel is that it always stays beautiful. Whether you take it to the beach or wear it during sports, you will see that your heart necklace does not lose its shine. With silver you opt for timeless elegance, silver always stands! Use the filters on this page to choose the desired material.

Personalize your heart necklace

Of course you don't want to walk with a piece of jewelry that everyone walks with. The great thing about KAYA jewelry is that you can personalize it. For example, you can supplement the heart necklace with an engraving charm with the date of birth of your loved one, or the coordinates of the place where you met your great love. If the heart symbolizes your children, you can choose to add the birthstones. If you would like to wear the photo of a loved one close by, choose a locket. Whatever you want, at KAYA you can personalize exactly the way you want!


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