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Engrave jewelry with your personal story

Do you prefer to carry your children, a special word or the name of your loved one with you all day long? Then our extensive collection of jewelery with personal engraving is something for you. For example, choose a necklace with name , initial or date. But we can also engrave a photo, fingerprint or your own design in a piece of jewelry for you. View the collection of necklaces and bracelets where you can hang engraved charms. All our jewelry is made of the finest materials: rose gold plated, sterling silver and gold plated.

Engraving jewelry, a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry

KAYA uses different engraving techniques. Choose a hand engraving with which the text is engraved in the jewel in a traditional way. Or opt for a super sleek machine-engraved piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made especially for you. This way you can put your touching moments, special dates, dear friendships or maternal love in a piece of jewelry and tell your own story. 

Engrave jewelery according to your own design

At KAYA Jewelry you can have a piece of jewelry engraved, entirely according to your own design. We have engraving charms in different shapes, for example a heart, star or disc. Have a bracelet engraved Or choose a beautiful charm and have your necklace engraved . This way you create a unique piece of jewelry that no one else has. Our jewelry is silver through and through and available in the colors silver, rose gold plated and gold plated. We supply a KAYA cleaning cloth so that it stays beautiful forever!

Do you also engrave jewelry with my own design?

Yes, at KAYA you can provide your own design, we will ensure that it is engraved on your jewellery. A ring with a fingerprint is therefore no problem. A precious piece of text from an old postcard from mom or grandma? That one drawing of your (grand)child that is so precious? We don't turn our backs on it. An engraved piece of jewelry is unique and full of emotion because it has such a special meaning.

Engraving jewelry, how does that work?

If you want to engrave a name on a piece of jewelry, follow the next steps. First you choose the necklace or bracelet and the material. Then you choose the corresponding charm that will be engraved. Or you can have a ring engraved , of course that is also possible. With us you can also choose to engrave the front and back, but you can also opt for just the front. For each charm you indicate which text should be engraved on it. You can expand the necklace or bracelet with even more charms from our range. Combine to your own taste and put together your unique piece of jewelry.

Did you know: part of every piece of jewelry sold goes to the Eduki Foundation, this foundation ensures that children in The Gambia can go to school.

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