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The most beautiful gift for children

Are you looking for a special gift for a child? Jewelry can be a unique and meaningful gift. Whether you are looking for an original gift for your niece, a birthday party or your own little one: there are countless options when it comes to jewelry for children. From earrings with unicorns and dolphins to bracelets with meaningful charms and even jewelry with personal engravings. When you give a child a piece of jewelry as a gift, you give the gift of a radiant smile. This jewel is worn every day: to school, while playing with friends and of course also when visiting grandma. At KAYA you can shop meaningful jewelry for the whole family, including young children. Discover the world of beautiful accessories and find the perfect jewelry gift for your little one in our webshop!

A personalized gift for a child

A personalized jewelry gift is a wonderful way to show your child the love and attention they deserve. It shows how much you care about him or her and they will wear the jewelry with pride. There are different ways to personalize jewelry. For example, consider a name necklace with the name of the child or your parents engraved on it, a bracelet with initials, or a ring with a birthstone. One of our favorites: a bracelet with charms that you can expand for every occasion. Each charm symbolizes an important or memorable event in the child's life. Over the hair, the piece of jewelry automatically forms a tangible memento of the playful childhood. Another idea is to engrave a special message or symbol on a piece of jewelry. This could be a motivational quote, the child's initials, or a symbol that is important to your relationship. Whatever you go for: the child will cherish this piece of jewelry for a lifetime.

A children's gift per age category

Every child is different and every age group has different wishes. Fortunately, at KAYA you will find jewelry for every child, from baby bracelets to teenage gifts and everything in between. We give you some great tips for gifts for young children.

Gift child 5 to 6 years

This age group is young and is probably just starting to wear jewelry. They get their ears pierced or occasionally steal a necklace from mom's jewelry box. It is a phase of discovery, trying out what they like. Are you, as a parent, grandfather or grandmother, looking for a gift for a 5 or 6 year old child? Go for a subtle piece of jewelry with a symbol. You know very well what they love: unicorns, butterflies, hearts or mermaids, it's all there! From children's necklace to children's bracelet or a beautiful pair of earrings: you can surprise them at your own discretion with a beautiful children's piece of jewelry.

Gift for child 7 years old

A 7-year-old child may already know better what she wants. It is fun to visit a jewelry store or webshop together and choose something beautiful. Does she go for silver or gold, striking or subtle? You may still be able to send something, but now they really make the choice all by themselves. Do you want to buy a piece of children's jewelry as a surprise? Then the fine jasseron with meaningful charms is our number 1 recommendation.

Gift for child 8 years old

Time flies... is your (grand)child turning 8 already? A great moment to surprise him or her with a luxurious piece of jewelry. Bar bracelets with names are very popular for young ladies. For boys you can shop for a cool leather boys bracelet .

It is of course important for every age category to purchase high-quality jewelry. Therefore, preferably choose hypoallergenic materials such as sterling silver or surgical steel to prevent possible allergic reactions.

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