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friendship necklace

Friendship Necklace | KAYA Jewelry

Forever connected: the unique friendship necklaces from KAYA Jewelry symbolize your special bond. Is your BFF's birthday coming up soon, are you going on holiday with a group of friends or is it your friendship anniversary? After years of friendship, will you see each other less because one of you is moving? With a friendship necklace you let each other know how much the other person means to you.

Top 5 Friendship Necklaces

To visibly carry your bond with you, a friendship necklace is a beautiful symbolic piece of jewelry. To make your choice a little easier, we have listed the top 5 for you.

  1. Necklace with your BFF's fingerprint in the shape of a heart
  2. Necklace with 2 puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart
  3. Friendship necklace with 3 puzzle pieces in the shape of a heart
  4. Necklace with a letter for everyone on a disc, ideal for larger groups
  5. Friendship necklace with initial on 'Mini Flat Bar'

Do you have a friendship necklace for 2 in your collection?

Of course we have a friendship necklace for 2 in our collection! Several even. The main question is what your personal taste is. Would you rather not have the other person's name or letter visible? Then we recommend a fingerprint jewelry or a necklace with the coordinates of a place that is very dear to you, such as the school or sports club where you know each other from or that one pub that you have fond memories of together. If the letter or name is allowed to be visible, then the choice is of course endless at KAYA Jewelry. For a necklace with a letter or a name necklace you have come to the right place!

You can order a necklace for your girlfriend online

In KAYA's wide range of friendship necklaces there is a suitable piece of jewelry for everyone. The advantage of ordering online from KAYA is that you often receive the jewelry the next day. And shipping is always free when you spend €20 or more. So sit back, choose a necklace for your girlfriend that suits her and order online. All our jewelry fits through the letterbox, so you don't have to wait for a parcel deliverer. Ideal if you are looking for a last minute gift for your girlfriend, because you will receive it quickly and we ship all orders in a gift box. So it is immediately ready to give as a gift.

Friendship necklace for 3 or more

Are you looking for a friendship necklace for 3 or more people? For example, are you classmates? A hockey team? A year club of the student association? Family? There are a thousand reasons to have a friendship necklace put together to reinforce the love you feel for each other with a friendship necklace. Our advice is to go for a piece of jewelry where you can endlessly add letters as desired. Then you simply add the same piece of jewelry to the shopping cart several times. Possibly each in their own chosen color; We have most jewelry in silver, gold and rose gold. Wear the piece of jewelry proudly, so everyone can see how beautiful your friendship is!

Create your own girlfriends necklace

At KAYA we think it is important that there is a suitable piece of jewelry for everyone. You will therefore find both women's and children's necklaces in our friendship collection. Many necklaces can also be worn by both, just select a different size! The necklaces are all made of the highest material .925 sterling silver. This means that your girlfriend's necklace will remain beautiful for years, just like your love for each other! The gold friendship chains are also silver at their core, the (rose) gold chain obtains its color thanks to an 18 carat gold-plated layer. Your friendship is literally worth its weight in gold!

Be inspired by the KAYA Jewelry collection

Inspired by the friendship necklaces but still looking for something different? Fortunately, we have many more friendship jewelry in our range. How about a classic friendship bracelet , for example? A real bestseller in our collection is the ring with birthstone . Also a beautiful friendship jewelry, for example wear each other's birth month! Ultimately, you can turn any piece of jewelry into a friendship symbol, the choice is yours!

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