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Bracelets with birth flower Birth flower Armand | KAYA Jewelry

Do you love flowers and do you like to spoil yourself or someone else with a beautiful bouquet? Then these birth flower bracelets are perfect for you! Did you know that each birth month has its own birth flower with a unique meaning? Just like a zodiac sign or birthstone, your birth month is linked to a meaningful flower. At KAYA you can now have this flower engraved on a birth flower bracelet, so that you always carry the flower with you. Do you go for your own flower or do you carry your loved ones' bouquet?

Choose a bracelet and birth flower

Just like at the market or in the store, you can put together your own flowers at KAYA. You choose the bracelet that suits you, from a subtle and elegant disc to a somewhat coarser bangle bracelet. Our collection of birth flower bracelets is spacious, so you will always find a bouquet that suits you. You then choose which flower we can place on the bracelet for you. Are you going for your own birth flower or that of a loved one? Think of your partner, children or parents. Can't choose? Then put together a bouquet of the flowers of all your loved ones. This bunch of flowers has a lot of meaning.

Buy a bracelet with a birth flower

You can buy a bracelet or necklace with a birth flower for yourself or someone else. It is a lasting bouquet of flowers that will not wither, how beautiful is that?! At KAYA you can shop different bracelets with birth flowers of your choice, so that the piece of jewelry suits you completely. From a luxurious jasseron bracelet with charm to a subtle bracelet with several small discs. You let us engrave your favorite birth flowers on a bracelet of your choice.

How many birth flowers can fit on the bracelet?

Of course, you prefer to put together a bouquet with the flowers of all your loved ones. We have certainly taken this into account in our collection. You can have up to four birth flowers placed on one charm. We mix the flowers together into a beautiful bouquet, so that they fit neatly on the charm. For example, you can put together a meaningful bouquet for your own family, how fun is that? Also very nice as a gift for your parents or grandparents: this way they always carry the (grand)children with them.

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