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mother's day bracelet

A meaningful bracelet for Mother's Day

KAYA Jewelry is the webshop for your Mother's Day jewelry gift ! Surprise her this year with a Mother's Day bracelet so she will shine every day. On this special Mother's Day gift bracelets page, you will find KAYA's most popular mom bracelets. From subtle with engraving to striking with lots of charms. If you give a bracelet on Mother's Day, you have the perfect gift. In our collection we also have beautiful Mother's Day necklaces and personalized Mother's Day key rings . What does your mother like? At KAYA we love bracelets, which is why we have expanded our bracelet collection especially for Mother's Day. So whether your mother goes for a refined bracelet, or prefers a sturdier bracelet with cool block letters, we have a gift for every dearest mother in the world that really suits her.

Mother's Day bracelet with name

Crafts from the kids cannot be missed on Mother's Day. A self-written poem, beautiful drawing or other cool craft; It makes mom's heart beat faster. But what if you can capture these drawings in a piece of jewelry? It's possible at KAYA Jewelry! The children can make their own Mother's Day bracelet. Upload your photo and have the children's drawing printed on a piece of jewelry. Also very nice: a bracelet with the kids' names. Mom now always carries a very valuable bracelet with her. Bonus for mom and dad; a good excuse to keep the refrigerator a little less full.

A gold bracelet for Mother's Day

As you can see, our range of Mother's Day bracelets is enormous. From luxurious .925 sterling silver to gold-plated jewelry. We only work with the most luxurious materials so that your Mother's Day jewelry will last a lifetime. The cool and very popular bangles are made of sturdy stainless steel and we string the sweet Cute Balls bracelet on sturdy steel wire. At KAYA we believe it is important that jewelry lasts a lifetime; After all, your piece of jewelry tells a personal story.

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