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Beautiful birthstone jewelry

Our birthstone jewelry is the perfect gift for any mother who likes to keep her children close to her. Each birth month has its own birthstone. Choose a beautiful ring that can hold multiple stones or go for a birthstone bracelet or necklace that you can also supplement with engraved charms. Choose from sterling silver, 18 carat Gold Plated or 18 carat Rose Gold Plated. Surprise mom with a uniquely composed birthstone jewelry, success guaranteed! 

Birthstone jewelry is unique and personal

At KAYA Jewelry you can personalize a necklace, bracelet or ring with birthstone entirely according to your own wishes. Would you like to have a name or date engraved in the ring? Which can! If you prefer a birthstone necklace , choose a family tree necklace, a circle necklace or an engraving charm and combine it with a birthstone ring . Or will you opt for our bestseller, the Jasseron bracelet that you can put together entirely according to your own wishes? Combine the birthstone with an engraving charm in which you can have the name & date of birth engraved. Also a butterfly or heart on it? Take a look at our range of charms to put together a unique charm bracelet. It's all possible at KAYA Jewelry.

Mom jewelry with birthstone

A necklace, ring or bracelet with a birthstone is often given to a new mother. She would prefer to be with her child every hour of the day, but there comes a time when that is no longer possible. How nice is it if you can always carry your children close to you! Birthstone jewelry is unique and personal. Our birthstones are made of pure zirconia and made of sterling silver, 18 carat Gold Plated or 18 carat Rose Gold Plated. Guaranteed success for the sweetest mother in the world.

The birthstones explained per month

Each month has a birthstone. Below you will find an explanation per month:

• January: Garnet brings confidence, friendship, willpower and more energy. It encourages faith and honesty.
• February: Amethyst helps you think clearly and become mentally alert and sharp.
• March: Aquamarine helps you become less nervous and brings love, hope and happiness.
• April: Diamond makes you feel brave, unbeatable and healthy.
• May: Emerald ensures a good future, loyalty and love.
• June: Light amethyst supports modesty, peace and beauty.
• July: ruby provides happiness, friendship, strength and enthusiasm.
• August: Peridot brings success, peace and love.
• September: Sapphire represents loyalty, tranquility, faith, wisdom and truth.
• October: Rose Quartz encourages hope, creativity, peace and innocence.
• November: Yellow topaz represents wisdom, courage, sincerity and warmth.
• December: Blue topaz brings joy, a good future and happiness.

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