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Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless Steel Jewelry from KAYA Jewelry

At KAYA Jewelry, in addition to our silver and gold-plated jewelry, we have a beautiful collection of stainless steel jewelry. Stainless steel is also often called stainless steel, which means the same, it is just a translation. Stainless steel is an abbreviation of stainless steel and is a super strong stainless steel. It is even stronger than silver and gold! We have most stainless steel jewelry available in three colors: silver, gold and rose gold. As you are used to from us, you can also have this jewelry personalized. So have a personal text engraved on a bangle or go for our bestseller: the ball bracelet with an engraved charm.

Why wearing stainless steel jewelry is a good idea

The advantage of stainless steel jewelry is that they are 100% allergy-free. It is also called hypoallergenic surgical steel. Stainless steel does not discolour, does not rust and does not stain the skin. So do you have sensitive skin, or do you always want to keep your jewelry on? Also swimming, showering and sleeping? Then go for stainless steel and enjoy this extremely strong material for life.

Give a stainless steel bracelet as a gift

For the ladies we have stainless steel bangles in different sizes, colors and shapes. Of course, we all know the classic bangle in which you can have a personal engraving, in a font of your choice. But do you also know the double slave bracelet with engraving or the bangle with coordinates ? We have nice, sturdy ones in our collection for men. We are big fans of the cowhide leather bracelet that you can personalize with stainless steel rings. Whatever you choose, at KAYA Jewelry you can be sure that the bracelet will be packaged in festive packaging. You can get there with that!

A stainless steel key ring or stainless steel cufflinks: perfect gift for dad!

Whether it is Father's Day or Christmas, or perhaps your dear husband's birthday. At KAYA you will always find a personalized gift. We have included key rings and cufflinks in our collection especially for men. How cool is it that you can personalize it! Have a name or date engraved or perhaps a funny quote. We are fans of the children's drawings and handwritten notes that we can engrave on stainless steel cufflinks or a stainless steel key ring . Also a great gift: keychain teacher . It doesn't get more personal than that! As you have come to expect from us, you will receive your purchase in festive packaging. No pink box for the men, but a cool & festive black box with a gold-black bow ribbon.

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