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rings engraved Engrave silver ring with personal message!

Want to engrave a silver ring ? The names of your (grand)children, loved ones or a special message should be seen! That's why KAYA engraves personal names and texts on the outside & inside of beautiful text rings! Supplemented with the birthstones of your children, you can carry your most precious possession close by. Each piece is made of .925 silver, forever beautiful.

Have your own ring engraved with your name, love within reach

Are you looking for a special gift for your dear mother, best friend or for your special sister? Or do you just want to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry? Then choose a personalized ring with name from KAYA Jewelry, a special lasting and personal gift. At KAYA you can have your jewelry engraved . We engrave children's names, a date or sweet words for a beautiful ring with love within reach. All our silver mom rings are made of the highest quality .925 silver, some rings even have an 18 carat gold layer on top. This way you have a real quality ring that will last a lifetime.

Ring with name for mom

A ring with name, text or birthstone is subtle, personal and can always be worn with you. The mother ring can usually be engraved with any text you want, making it suitable as a gift for grandma, sister and friend. For every occasion, such as birth, birthday or wedding. Practically everything can be engraved, from text and images to fingerprints and handwriting.

Engrave silver rings with letters or fingerprint

At KAYA Jewelry we specialize in engraving rings with letters or a fingerprint. What do you want to engrave in your personalized ring? A special word that really belongs to you together or do you want to give grandma a ring as a gift so that she can carry her grandchildren close to her. Everything is possible with the extensive collection of silver mom rings from KAYA Jewelry. Almost all rings can be engraved on both the inside and the outside. Have the names of your family members put in it and you literally always have them at hand, so you have a beautiful ring with a name. The birthstones of your children appear on top of the ring. A strikingly beautiful token of love for your most precious possession.

Engraved ring with a personal message

You can provide the mom rings from KAYA Jewelry with the names of your children, a beautiful saying or go for an inspiring quote. Text strings are very trendy, because you can adjust them to your own taste. They are unique mom rings, friendship rings, wedding rings and a gift for yourself and everyone you love. A precious and special gift, for any occasion. The silver women's rings are made of silver through and through, so your beautiful mom ring will last a lifetime. For an even more unique mom gift, the silver women's rings also come with birthstones. A popular new piece of jewelry in the KAYA Jewelry range is the fingerprint ring . In addition to space for engraving a name, text or word, we can now also engrave a fingerprint in the ring for you. This way you can always carry your children with you in an even more personal way with this mom ring.

You can buy the most beautiful ring with a letter at KAYA Jewelry

In the KAYA Jewelry webshop you will find various rings that you can have engraved with letters. With these engraved rings you can always carry your children with you, they are also a perfect and personal gift. Because the rings can also be engraved, it becomes even more special. Before you buy a ring with a letter, it is wise to measure your ring size. You can have this done at a jeweler, for example. You can also order a measuring ring from us, so you can choose the right size at home. We have selected the most beautiful fonts for engraving the silver women's rings. There is a choice of different fonts, from decorative letters to very modern. This way you can make every mom ring completely personal. Would you like to combine the ring as a set? Then have a beautiful KAYA bracelet engraved .

Handmade rings with Text

We make our own text rings at MamaKado. And they are fun! The rings are forged by hand, provided with text, polished and finished... all especially for you! Engrave your mom ring with names or date...

Own Text

What's the best thing about these rings? Put a text on it that you like. As KAYA jewelry, we naturally recommend putting the names and dates of birth of your children on it, but anything is possible! A beautiful saying, a quote, an inside joke that you and your partner have together. Declare your love to the person you are giving the ring to as a gift, ask your partner to marry you via the text on the ring, record the places of your world trip on your ring, a saying for your deceased child or parent, anything you can think of. can go on it. The only restriction is that there is a maximum number of characters per ring.

Top 5 texts on the ring:

  • 1. *name* and *date of birth*
  • 2. Live and let live
  • 3. It's impossible to love and be wise
  • 4. A friend is a gift you gave yourself
  • 5. A useless life is an early death

What do you choose? Whatever it is, in our section with engraved rings you will find all the rings on which you can write your text.

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