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Baby bracelet with name Baby bracelet with name, sweet gift!

It is not without reason that a baby bracelet with a name is very popular to give and to receive. The new parents have chosen the name with great care, how nice is it to see that name shown off on a baby bracelet. It will look so cute, ababy bracelet like that on her little wrist. We engrave the bracelets by machine or by hand, exactly as you wish. This creates a perfect maternity gift, or for her first birthday. Made of through-and-through silver or stainless steel and real freshwater pearls!

Bracelet with your child's name

A baby's name is proudly chosen by the new parents. How beautiful is it to think about this and have a baby bracelet engraved with her first name? This will go in her storage box for later, together with her first teeth. You can also choose to have the date of birth engraved on the back, for example, or the names of the parents. This makes the bracelet with name the most special gift that new parents receive for their most beautiful baby in the world.

Large collection of baby name bracelet at KAYA Jewelry

At KAYA Jewelry we received many requests for a name bracelet for a baby years ago. Of course we did something with that! In recent years we have significantly expanded the collection of name bracelets for a baby. We also listened carefully to our customers so that we could continually improve the quality. The current collection is of TOP quality, with the perfect size for every baby. Thanks to the extension chain, it always fits! We also have several engraving techniques at our disposal. This way we can engrave authentically by hand. But we also have the most modern machines at our disposal where you can choose the font yourself. The silver baby jewelry is made of very strong material, as it is made of .925 silver. This way, the bracelet with the baby's name in it will remain beautiful forever and will remain a special keepsake for later. You can look back at it again and think how small and delicate the wrist was. The bracelet is very nice to wear, but at some point the bracelet will become too small. Then you can store it in a nice box as a reminder of this beautiful time.

An extra personal silver bracelet with child's name

Of course you can buy a beautiful silver baby bracelet for your own child, but this is also the perfect gift as a baby shower gift . The new parents will be so happy with this personal maternity gift with name ! We have silver baby bracelets with name in a pearl version or you can opt for a trendy silver jasseron link bracelet. You can of course also go for the gold baby bracelet . All baby bracelets with name are neatly packaged in a luxurious jewelry box. This way you can immediately give the baby jewelry as a gift. In addition to the silver baby bracelets with name, you will find even more unique baby bracelets in our webshop. You can always contact us if you have any questions or comments. View our wide range of bracelets with names for babies now and easily order them online!

Order your baby bracelet with name from KAYA

In short, choose the bracelet that best suits the baby. Choose which font you like best and whether you also want an engraving on the back. Everything chosen? If you order on time today, you will have the jewelry on your doorstep tomorrow. All our jewelry fits through the letterbox, so you don't have to stay home for it. To be sure, check the delivery time, this is always indicated with the product and is also stated during checkout.

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