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ring with fingerprint Fingerprint ring: carry your loved ones close

A fingerprint is the most personal thing about a person. Have the fingerprint of your child, bff, husband or deceased loved one engraved in a fingerprint ring and always carry it close to you! These fingerprint rings are available from children's sizes to women's sizes and the prints are engraved into the ring using a laser engraving machine. We work with the most beautiful materials.

Ring fingerprint of excellent quality

At KAYA Jewelry you will find a fingerprint ring of excellent quality at an affordable price. Every person has a personal fingerprint. From birth to death. Nothing is more personal than a fingerprint ring. Do you want to always carry someone who means a lot to you close to you? Then have a ring engraved with his or her fingerprint on it. At KAYA we only work with the most beautiful materials. You can choose from a ring made of 926 sterling silver, a ring plated with 18 carat gold or a ring plated with 18 carat rose gold.

Discover the different possibilities of a fingerprint ring

A ring with fingerprint is also called a fingerprint ring. At KAYA you can customize your fingerprint ring entirely according to your own wishes. You have different widths in terms of rings. Are you going for a 2.5 mm, 4 mm or 7 mm ring? The 2.5 mm rings are also suitable for children. You can also choose the type of material (silver, gold or rose gold). Then choose the ring size. It is important that you order a well-fitting ring. The fingerprint ring is made especially for you. Are you unsure about the size? Then first order our measuring and fitting ring. Then upload your photo with fingerprint. If desired, you can also engrave a text, letter or name on the inside of the ring .

How is a fingerprint ring made?

We engrave your loved one's fingerprint with a (laser) engraving machine. The engraving can be done in a ring, but also take a look at our complete collection of fingerprint jewelry for more inspiration. Consider, for example, a bracelet with a fingerprint or a preciousnecklace with a fingerprint ; always on the heart. This machine engraves the fingerprint deep into the ring. In addition, we make the engraving black in many pieces of jewelry for a good contrast. This way it remains a memory forever. Your fingerprint ring will then be packed in a beautiful pink jewelry box and the ring with fingerprint will be delivered to your home within a few working days!

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