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father's day jewelry

First Father's Day gift ideas

In the Netherlands we always celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday of June, in 2024 it will be on June 16. In Belgium, Father's Day is celebrated a week earlier, on Sunday, June 9.

Is the new dad completely captivated by your (newborn) child? Does your heart melt when you see him with the little one in his arms, when he is giving the bottle and changing the diaper himself? He prefers to be with your little one every moment of the day. So sweet! Of course you surprise him on Father's Day with breakfast in bed, because that's part of it. But what else can you gift him? We believe that the most beautiful Father's Day gifts are always self-made, for example a personalized piece of jewelry. Whether you are looking for beautiful jewelry or practical accessories, you will find what you are looking for in the KAYA Jewelry collection. How about a beautifulFather's Day bracelet with the engraved name of your child. This way he carries the little one close to him, everywhere. Even though they are not physically together. When he looks at the bracelet and sees the name of his great pride, a smile is guaranteed to appear on his face! Or how about a stainless steel key ring for Father's Day , so that dad can feel the connection with the little one even when he is on the road.

Father's Day gift when the baby has just been born

You have recently become mommy and daddy and you are of course very proud of your husband. You really live on a pink - or blue - cloud and are fully learning and discovering. It is therefore very nice for a new father to receive a present on Father's Day. A piece of jewelry that tells him how well he is doing. Do you notice that he misses you when he has to leave home? The bracelet, key ring or set of cufflinks will remind him of your little miracle at any time of the day. The first letter of your child, the date of birth or perhaps a nice detail from the birth announcement; At KAYA Jewelry we can engrave a lot of personal wishes on a piece of jewelry for you. Which piece of jewelry suits him best? Choose your Father's Day jewelry and we will get to work for you right away. We are happy to help you make this first Father's Day an unforgettable day.

What do you give an expectant father as a gift on Father's Day?

Is your little one still safe in the womb during Father's Day? How nice is it to give the expectant father a present on Father's Day. Precisely because he doesn't expect it now, he will be very surprised! A jewelry set for the mom and dad to be or have the name of your unborn child engraved on a men's bracelet. This first Father's Day gift should not be shown to family and friends yet, because you will keep the little one's name to yourself for a while. It is a very nice gift for the expectant father, so he can feel close to your child even during pregnancy. How he will shine this Father's Day.

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