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christmas jewelry

Christmas jewelry - the Limited Edition of KAYA Jewelry

Experience a wonderful evening at Christmas dinner with this limited edition Star collection! Like a real star, you are the shining center of your company. Christmas jewelry with sparkling stars, magical moons and powerful quotes. KAYA is celebrating the holidays this year with a unique limited edition Christmas collection. These subtle and beautiful Christmas jewelry turn your outfit into a vibrant Christmas party, guaranteeing a long evening of pleasant dining. Be quick because you don't want to miss out on these one-of-a-kind items! Only available this year and when it's gone it really is gone.

Christmas jewelry

During the sparkling month of December you like to pay more attention to your outfit and jewelry. We understand this all too well at KAYA and so we designed this Limited Edition Star collection especially for you. A chic low-cut dress becomes a radiant look thanks to a gold star necklace around your neck. When you take a sip of your wine, the sparkling moons of the Christmas bracelet stick out from under the sleeve of your blouse. You put your hair up for the occasion, so that the wonderful Christmas earrings in your ears are clearly visible. The Christmas jewelry from this exclusive collection is there to make you shine. Extra special because there is really only a limited number of jewelry available.

Jewelry for Christmas

Do your eyes also shine when you see those lovely little packages under the Christmas tree? The smallest gifts are often incredibly valuable in their loving meaning. This also applies to the Christmas jewelry from this Limited Star collection. Surprise your partner, mother or best friend with a limited edition piece of jewelry because in your eyes she is a real star. Are you going for the classic star coin on a Christmas necklace ? Make it extra personal by having an engraving placed on it. At KAYA we neatly package your Christmas jewelry in a pink jewelry box. This means there will soon be a neat package under the Christmas tree.

Christmas jewelry

Small lights light up the festively decorated Christmas tree, the candles on the table are burning and your Christmas jewelry sparkles in the light. From a luxurious brunch to a grand dinner, you can go all out with your jewelry this month. We believe that through your jewelry you can tell stories and preserve memories. In this special Christmas jewelry you will keep the warm memories you have of the Christmas holidays of 2022. And did you know that from December 6, when you spend €20 or more, you will receive a free Christmas bracelet with your order? This way you can also give a warm memory to a loved one as a gift.

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