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    • Gratis bezorging vanaf €30
    • Klantcijfer 9.2

    Text Silver Ring 4mm * free engraving * - Text ring

    Art#: K4 / Ring (Vinger) / Los
    Verplicht Kies het materiaal
      • Gratis bezorging vanaf €30
      • Klantcijfer 9.2
      Product description
      ♥ The thickness of the ring is 4 millimeters.

      ♥ Made of sterling silver only. (.925)
      ♥ Adjust the size with a jeweler
      or order here a ringenbos for € 2.95.
      Low price for a super quality. All our jewels are beautifully finished.
      professionally produced by studio with years of experience.

      ♥ Would you like a heart in the text? Then copy the symbol and paste it in the text: ♥
      ♥ Choose from a convex or flat ring finish.
      ♥ We have 6 fonts selected for you from swash to very modern. Observe the maximum number of characters
      • Typewriter: 34
      • Kirsten: 34
      • Palazzo: 38
      • Stencil: 35
      • Digital: 32
      • Viva: 22

      Determine Ring Size
      ♥ Meet a ring with a ring size, for example a juwlier.
      ♥ The European ring size is the diameter of the inside of the ring: size 16 corresponds, for example 16 mm.
      ♥ A guide: the average ring size for a woman's size 16.5 to 17.5 and from a man who is around 20.5.
      ♥ When in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger.
      ♥ Once the ring has been ordered, it can not be returned.


      Alicia & Milan 24-01-2012
      Alicia ♥ ♥ Milan Daan
      Sanne 09-10-2013
      We love you ♥
      I love you
      You're the sweetest
      Oh, I'm lucky with such a mama
      Dear Mom
      Loved an be loved
      If you can dream it, you can make it!
      Dream it, wish it, do it!
      Love to live, live to love
      Love is friendship
      You hold the key to my heart
      You're my wish come true
      Two hearts beat as one
      Nothing is worth more than this day
      Your love makes my world go 'round
      100% love
      100% cute
      If you can read this, you're too close
      Good things come in tiny packages
      True friendship is priceless
      BFF forever
      Believe in your dreams
      Carpe diem
      If you can dream it, you can do it