Measuring ring size, that's how you do it!

At KAYA Jewelry you will find a large collection of rings, rings with a personal engraving or a ring with a birthstone . When you have found a nice ring online, it is of course so nice that you choose the right ring size so that you receive the right size at home in one go. Below we have selected the best methods for you, so that you never order the wrong ring size again!

The methods we are going to explain will give different types of ring sizes. With the table below you can find the corresponding size with one size. Very handy since not all stores use the same type of ring size. In the Netherlands, the inner diameter is mainly used, as is the case with KAYA Jewelry. But the circumference is also increasingly mentioned.

Ring Size Chart

Tips for choosing the right ring size

Before we get started with measuring, we have a few tips.

- Measure your finger at least twice. Once at the beginning of the day and once at the end. Your fingers will swell up a bit during the day.
- Keep in mind that your fingers will be larger at higher temperatures than at colder temperatures. For example, consider summer and winter.
- Do you often have to put on and take off your ring? Then choose a size bigger. With a slightly larger ring, this is a lot easier.
- Keep in mind that the ring should fit over the thickest part of your finger. So try that out with the measurement as well.
- Are you in between sizes? Then choose the larger one, a ring that is slightly too large is better than one that is too small.
- To preserve your jewelry, especially with gold-plated rings and rings with Zirconia stones, we recommend removing the jewelry when washing your hands, for example. As mentioned above, this is a bit easier if you have a slightly larger ring.
- Finally, perhaps an obvious one, measure the ring or finger you also want to wear your new ring on. Every finger has its own size, of course.

How do you measure your ring size with a measuring and sizing ring?

Now we have arrived at the real thing. For method one you (only) need a measuring and sizing ring . You put this on your finger and adjust it until it fits perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. When you have achieved this, you read the size that the shim indicates. Often this is in European or American ring sizes. The European ring size is equal to the circumference of the finger. You can easily convert the American (US) ring size with the table, if necessary. This is actually the simplest method and also a very accurate one.

When you order a reusable measuring and fitting ring at KAYA you will receive a discount voucher worth €5,- when you spend from €25,-. This way you will always have a suitable ring from now on and you will receive a nice discount!

No time to order a measuring and fitting ring first? Then read on quickly!

How do you measure your ring size with a tape measure?

The next way is unfortunately not as accurate as the other, but almost as easy as the previous one. What you do is: you wrap the tape measure loosely around your finger. Then read the tape measure where he crosses himself. Now you have the outline of your finger. But if you have a piece of string handy, read on. In method three, we explain a slightly more accurate way.

How do I measure my ring size with a string?

Actually, this technique is not that difficult, but it does have an extra step.

Step 1: Loosely wrap the string around the thickest point of the selected finger.
Step 2: Cut the string or make a mark where the string touches itself.
Step 3: Measure the piece of string with a ruler, tape measure or other measuring tool.

With this technique you again measured the circumference of your finger in mm.

PS: This method also works with a strip of paper!

How do you measure your ring size with a suitable ring?

Do you want to give a ring to someone as a surprise? Then of course you cannot unobtrusively put a string or shim around someone's finger. But you may have secret access to the rings collection of the received. In that case, this method is perfect for you! You do need a ring that fits well on the finger on which the new ring is placed, and you need a ruler.

Step 1: Place the ring on the ruler with the left inner side at 0
Step 2: Read the number on the inside right.

That number is the inner diameter ring size . We also talked about this at the beginning. So again, if you need a different size, use the table.

Does the measurement not quite work?

I hope you have benefited from all the tips and methods I have explained. But, if you really can't figure it out, please contact our customer service! They will always be able & willing to help you further, for example by sending a ring without engraving. This can always be returned free of charge to exchange for a different size or to place your personal engraving!

Good luck finding your perfect ring size!