Baby jewelry and safety

Some people really like it and others don't like it at all: baby jewelry is quite controversial. They look super cute and make a great memory of babyhood, but are baby jewelry safe? At KAYA Jewelry, the safety of your child is paramount, so we take a number of precautions when it comes to baby jewelry. In this article we tell you more about this. You will also read what you can do yourself to ensure the safety of your baby. That way you can still shop that cute baby bracelet and you don't have to worry.

KAYA and safe baby jewelry

At KAYA Jewelry we take various precautions to make the jewelry baby-proof. For example, to prevent the baby's skin from being damaged, we only use the best and strongest materials. Our baby jewelry is made of .925 sterling silver, stainless steel and genuine freshwater pearls. Stainless steel is an anti-allergenic material, so it is especially suitable for sensitive children's skin. Furthermore, you can of course put together your own KAYA jewelry by choosing loose pearls or charms. Due to the choking hazard associated with these loose charms, we solder all charms firmly. It is of course always good to check the charms before you put on the jewelry. We will tell you more about this below.         

What can you do yourself?

First of all, we would like to inform you that the baby jewelry is mainly intended as a tangible reminder of the past. It's a lovely keepsake of how small they were as babies. Therefore, do not wear the jewelry too often, but only with special moments. For example on the first birthday, when they are baptized or during a photo shoot. Which brings us straight to the next important point: make sure that the jewelry is only worn under supervision. Babies are strong and like to put everything in their mouth, try to avoid this. By only wearing the jewelry with these special moments, you immediately prevent wear of the product. This way this beautiful memory will remain beautiful for years to come.

It is also important that you order the jewelry in the right size. On our website you will find the average month per age, but it is always good to measure this yourself.

A bracelet that is too large has the risk that your child will get caught on something or that the bracelet will be lost. A bracelet that is too small will pinch, you also want to prevent that. Measure the wrist with a tape measure and add 1 cm to this. Our baby jewelry comes standard with a 3 cm extension chain, so that the bracelet grows with your baby.

Also very important: we recommend that you always check the jewelry carefully before wearing. Are the rings and charms all still securely attached? Can you gently pull on the jewelry without breaking it? Every time you put the jewelry on your baby, you want to check this.

baby bracelet

Are baby jewelry safe?

If you stick to the above tips, baby jewelry can be worn safely. At KAYA we believe that you should not put on the jewelry too often. You will therefore always receive the jewelry in a luxurious jewelry pouch or box. This way you immediately have a nice place to store the baby jewelry. A beautiful memory for later!