Our team

Every woman has a unique and beautiful story to tell, including our own Tanja. This is her story; how she grew from a small one-man business into a warm and loving company with a close-knit team of employees. No day is the same within Kaya Jewelry. We have a young and talented team of men and women. We create an atmosphere where everyone is involved and above all very all-round. We continue to challenge each other and thus ensure that we continue to improve and develop on a daily basis. Our team learns from each other, and that is the strength of Kaya Jewelry! Naturally, various departments within the company are gradually starting to emerge. Where until recently Tanja did everything herself, the tasks are now divided between the customer service, marketing and production team.

Production team

The most important and largest team within Kaya Jewelry is the production team. By production we mean making & engraving the jewelry. You already understand; without production team, no Kaya Jewelry packages out the door. Actually all employees of Kaya Jewelry are part of the production team, including the marketing & customer service employees. We think it is important that everyone knows what is going on and what is or is not possible. To be able to send all packages on time, we have been working with a Sunday team for a long time. Recently we also started a production team on Saturday. In this way we ensure that your order falls on your mat as soon as possible. The production team is at your service no less than seven days a week!

Customer service team

Our growing customer service team is almost as important as the production team. They are available every day from 09:00 to 17:00 to answer all your questions. Are you unable to find a solution or do you have a complaint? The girls from the customer service team do everything they can to help you. We appreciate it when you email or app us your questions. If you have a more urgent question, you can of course also use the chat function on our website; instant reply! Of course you can also reach us by telephone if you would like to have direct contact with us. The customer service team is available five days a week!

Marketing team

The marketing team is a small team within Kaya Jewelry. Tanja, among others, is involved in the online and offline promotions and the look & feel of the website. Recently we worked with a small team on the design and usability of the website. The website you are currently surfing on is the end result of this!