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Worldwide, 22 million children do not go to school
Unfortunately, many children in the world cannot go to school. If children are unable to learn reading and writing skills, they risk losing their future. They also miss the opportunity to contribute to their economies and societies when they reach adulthood.' KAYA wants humanitarian aid projects to devote more attention and money to education. If children do not attend school, they are at increased risk of abuse and exploitation. Education also offers children stability and structure for a better future.

Gambia, how do the children live there?
In Gambia not all children go to school. Main reasons for this are the lack of financial resources, the distance to schools which the children have to walk & the fact that there is no compulsory education. It is estimated that 70% of children go to primary school, of which only 20% go on to secondary education.

€23,512 for aid to Gambia
KAYA believes that a commercial organization can contribute. Tanja's motto: it would be nice if we left the world a little bit better than we found it. Perhaps a small drop in the ocean, but it feels very good to not only have a profit motive. For every piece of jewelry that we sell, a small amount is donated to the Eduki foundation. This is expressed in an annual donation so that the children can be placed immediately for a whole school year. In recent years, KAYA has transferred more than 23 thousand euros to this foundation that is committed to Gambia.

18 Children already seven years of education!
Thanks to KAYA, 22 children have now been placed in a school, of which 5 have already finished! KAYA finances meals, books, shoes & school uniforms for these children. Soon there were a number of kids who excelled, so we decided in consultation with Eduki to invest extra in these children. These children have been transferred to a private school. We go for quality, so that we can be sure that these children will end up well. Some children really get a great chance to develop themselves (and often the whole village afterwards). In doing so, KAYA contributes to one of the United Nations' development goals for a better future, which is to ensure equal access to quality education and promote lifelong learning for all.

What is so special about the Eduki foundation?
Tanja became acquainted with the Eduki foundation in 2012 through a friend. A small organization with a passionate group of volunteers who are selflessly committed. Founder of the foundation, Meta, already realized in 1999 that education is the most important building block for a chance for a better future. Meta founded the Eduki foundation together with colleague Annemieke. Thanks to them, more than 100 children are already being helped. At KAYA we are particularly charmed by the employees because they bear the costs themselves, such as the administrative burden and the plane tickets to visit the children. At KAYA we regularly receive photos, school reports and videos so that we can really follow all children. For more background see also

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