Giving back project

Small contribute

KAYA believes that a commercial organization able to contribute.
It may sound a bit like a Miss World contest, but it would be nice if we leave a little bit better than the world that we have found her. Therefore KAYA donates € 1 per piece of jewelry to Eduki foundation so that a child can go to school in Gambia.
Perhaps a small drop in the ocean.
But it feels really good to not only have a profit but also really concretely contributing to children on the other side of the world.

Exceptional children
KAYA When this project started with Eduki, the cost of a local school were about 50 euros per year.
This financeert KAYA school lunches, books, shoes and school uniforms and we were the first jewelery line = 1 week school handle.
But some children are performing exceptionally well!

Therefore KAYA has decided to a better school to do so. Several children with Eduki
Therefore, the number of sponsored children a little lower, but because of some kids get really develop. Themselves a great opportunity (and often the whole village)

Total contribution
Sales grow tremendously KAYA, therefore we can almost double the donation for the school year 2014-2015!
KAYA this year will donate € 2,169, this can 10 children to school (which Sally and Antoina go to a private school).
We then keep some budget left, above the foundation will have some new kids that can look through the donations to school.
For the school year 2013-2014 KAYA € 1,360 donated. For this amount seven children could go to school.

How does it work?
My system keeps track of how many jewelry were sold. It does not matter what price the jewelry has. KAYA choose this method because it is the most transparent, so the donations can be easily audited.


Why Eduki Foundation?
The opportunities for children starting in my opinion the chance of education. Unfortunately, many children in the Gambia have never seen a school within.
Through a friend, I came across Eduki Foundation, a small (ANBI recognized) organization with a passionate group of volunteers who are active.
They even fly at their own expense to the children and the schools to ensure that the donations are delivered effectively. I regularly get photos, school reports and videos so we can follow all the children. Really See also and click here for the latest newsletter of this particular foundation.

Which 10 children go to school?

Amadou 1 -5 years
He lives in the village of Sanyang, one of the poorest villages in the Gambia where the local school is one hour walk.
But he does like to go to school!

Sally 2 -6 years
She lives in Sera Kunda in New Jeshwang district and is the 5th child in a family of seven children.
Her father works hard but can only afford the school fees for the first four children.
Sally is a hugely intelligent but shy girl and she likes to go to school tremendously.
Because they do so very well, KAYA decided in consultation with Eduki foundation that the SDA school can, one of the better schools that are close to international schools to close.
As a result, the school fees and its future} {a lot higher and they will hopefully soon make a difference for herself and her family and escape poverty.
Her school performance at the private school are excellent!
Antonia 3 - 7 years
An excellent student who would like to give us another chance through Eduki to let her go. To SDA
She is the 3rd and last child of the family and they wooont with her mother sister and brother in the Sera Kunda in New Jeshwang district.

Ousman 4 - 7 years
Big brother Amadou. Together they walk hand in hand an hour every day to school. He does very best. Fun, motivated male.
5. Dieado - 7 years
The 2-nd child in a family of four children. His mother works as an employee at an international school in the book and can issue despite her full-time job she can not let all go. Their children to school
Therefore KAYA with Dieado supports his school.

Emmanuel 6 - 9 years
Older brother Dieado. He's going to pass this through the donations for the first time in school and is very grateful for this chance he gets now.
Jainaba 7 -10 years
Big sister of Amadou and Ousman, from May 2012 she goes to Sanyang lower basic primary school 3 .
She is doing very well and we look at the possibility to let her go. Towards a private education
Ousman 8 -12 year goes to the st. Theresse's school in Sera Kunda
Serray 9 - 11 years
Amie 10 -12 years

Half Marathon delivers 355 Euro extra on
To literally contribute himself owner Tanja November 2012 half of Ljubljana Marathon run.
Together with her niece, she took extra € 355, with which mainly rice, fruits and medic from Republicans have been bought for the children of the village.
But perhaps the most importent purchase was still the mattress for Janaiba for the first time in her life she no longer sleeps on the ground.
Hopefully, there is now space in her head to dream of a better future.
And I do it for there !!

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