KAYA uses on all her jewelry a warranty period of one calendar month of breakage, discoloration, etc. The warranty period starts at the time of receipt of the product to the buyer. Do you want to take advantage of this warranty, please send an email to [email protected]
Mentioned in the mail what is not good, including a photo of the jewelry.In agreement of the warranty will receive free of charge a new / replacement.

The cost of sending the replacement product is borne by KAYA, the return (regular mail) of a defective product is borne by the buyer. Our return address: KAYA- Tawny Owl Street 9- 2333 VD Leiden

There are some exceptions:

* Wear of silver or silver-plated parts
A silver-plated piece of jewelery has a thin layer of silver over a substrate of non-noble metal.
In normal everyday use can wear away the layer, for example by contact with other parts of the jewelery or clothing.

* Scratches or dulling of smooth surfaces
Jewelry with smooth surfaces can be dull by tiny scratches. In the case of a piece of jewelry that is made which scratches could arise from multiple parts as the parts move over or against each other.

* Damage caused by incorrect cleaning
A jewel is a delicate subject that is often of gentle, sensitive materials (such as silver) exists. Damage caused by improper cleaning (eg. By sanding or using chemicals) is not explicitly within the warranty.

My jewelry is discolored, why?


Deputy jewel within three months of purchase

Obviously we understand that it is annoying if a piece of jewelry is not within the warranty. We therefore offer for jewelry purchased within three months to re-send it at cost. Do you want to take advantage of this warranty, please send an email to [email protected]
Mentioned in the mail what is not good, including a photo of the jewelry. In agreement of the warranty you will receive after payment product. The account of KAYA is NL52RABO0171663608 tnv Kaya jewelry. It is not necessary to send the broken ornament return.

  • Jewellery tm 15 euro: for 6 euros a new piece of jewelry is created and sent for free.
  • Jewellery 15-25 euro: 8 euro for a new piece of jewelery made and free shipping.
  • Jewellery> 25 euros: 10 euros for a new piece of jewelry is created and sent for free.

Deputy adornment later than three months after purchase

We offer 25% discount to purchase a new piece of jewelry.
Makan to use this scheme we ask you to email a picture of the broken piece of jewelry to [email protected] Then we will contact you and send you a coupon code by agreement. It is not necessary to send the broken ornament return.

Discoloration of silver and silvered jewelry and its maintenance

Because you piece of jewelery coming into contact with the skin and other omgevingsfaturen (cream, perfume, etc) it may be discolored. In most cases, this discoloration is rather gradual and can be removed with a silver polishing cloth. This discoloration has no relationship with the quality of the composition of the silver that is used in the manufacture of jewelery and happened in the long run at each piece of jewelry.

Plated, silver-plated or gold-plated jewelery are passed through a silver or goudbad. The result is a beautiful glossy finish with a layer of real silver or gold (silverplated or goldplated). This layer may, depending on the acidity of your skin wear faster.

KAYA makes for some collections use of silver-plated materials. The charm, sloje or extension chain is made of copper and / or bronze with a layer of silver over it. Hence the name 'redeemed'. Eventually this will discolor parts. How fast is it, really depends on your skin type. In some people, the jewelery never faded, others after a few weeks. It also has to do with how you deal with your jewelry, the discoloration will occur more rapidly when showering, swimming and use of (sun) cream.

Lower price
The basic material of silver-plated jewelry is copper and / or bronze. This is, of course, this is less costly than sterling silver. The prices are also much lower.

How do you keep silver jewelry the most beautiful?
I f you
have purchased silver jewelry, you want to keep these naturally as long as possible beautiful. When you consider these tips, your jewelry will remain as good as new.

Beware of skin care products, cosmetics and chemicals
Silver plated jewelry can not stand products such as soap, (sunburn) cream and perfume.If your jewelry still exposed to these agents, they can be affected by discoloration and dullness caused.

Do not exercise, swim or shower while wearing your silver jewelry
When you exercise or swimming, let your silver jewelry at home. This also applies if you are going to do housework or take a shower.

Depending on your skin
Whether your jewelry or not discolour, and how fast, depends entirely on your skin type. In some people (high acidity), this happens sometimes faster, and other jewelry remain beautiful for years.

KAYA does not guarantee discolorations
Because the price is lower, and discoloration of silver materials is very dependent on your skin type, KAYA gives no guarantee. Do you want to be sure that the piece of jewelry is discolored and good polish, then go for it (somewhat expensive) materials of sterling silver.


KAYA does not work with repair. Alternatively we offer (at cost) to submit a new piece of jewelry. See the rules above. This is because a lot faster, less hassle for the customer, and often cheaper because KAYA paid the postage.