How does the locket open?

Yes! Your new locket piece of jewelry has arrived and you can't wait to see the photo, fingerprint or engraving on the inside. But then: you can't open the locket. A question we often receive from our customers is: how do I open my locket? In this article we explain how to carefully open the locket, so that you can also admire the inside of your new piece of jewelry and share it with others.

How does the closure of the locket work?

If you take a good look at the closed medallion, you will notice that a hinge is visible on one side. You open the locket on this: just like you open a door. On the other side is a pin: this is not visible as long as the medallion is closed. The pin clicks into a small cup and so the locket stays neatly closed when you wear your jewellery.

How do I open the locket?

Good, now you know how the closure of the locket works. But how do you open it now? It's quite simple: open the locket by placing your nail between the opening of the locket. This means: on the side of the pin, so the side where no hinge is visible. You can now use quite a bit of force to open the locket. You feel and hear a soft click and voila, the locket is open. To close the locket, gently press the two sides together again until the pin clicks into the cup. We wish you a lot of fun with your new piece of jewelry!