How do you make a good paw print?

A piece of jewelry with a paw print is priceless; you carry your dog or cat with you forever. But how do you make something like that? What requirements should a good paw print meet? We'll give you some tips!

Fortunately, making a paw print of your dog or cat is easier than you think. With our ink pad you can easily make a paw print of your four-legged friend without getting dirty paws.

Step 1: Get everything ready

Stamp pad (incl. blank sheets of paper and instructions)
♡ Your sweet pet, preferably when it is a bit quiet
♡ If necessary, ask someone for help to make the print as good as possible

supplies to make a paw print for cat and dog jewelry

Step 2: Make your dog or cat's paw print

Follow the steps below to successfully create a paw print:

  1. Place one of the sheets of paper on a flat surface. Place the ink pad on top of that, with the ink side facing down. The ink side can be recognized by the red sticker!
  2. Position the animal's paw above the ink pad and press the paw gently, not too hard otherwise the print will be completely black.
  3. Now remove the stamp pad from the sheet of paper.

Displeased? The ink pad can be used a maximum of 4 to 5 times. You can repeat the above steps on a new sheet of paper until you get the desired result.

stamp pad paw print making dog and cat ornament engraving

Step 3: Check whether the paw print was created correctly

The paw print is successful if a clear shape is visible and the paw pads do not completely merge. So you must be able to clearly distinguish the pads from each other. This way you can be sure that you will get the pads properly engraved on your jewelry. Are you satisfied? Then go to step 4, where you can take the photo of the paw print you just made.

Step 4: Take a sharp photo of the paw print

When you are satisfied with the paw print, it is time to take a photo of it. It is important to take a sharp photo, because this also contributes to the quality and recognizability of the print on the jewelry.

(photo not yet available)

The image above gives a good idea of what the photo should look like. We give you a number of tips:

  1. Make sure you are in a bright room when you take the photo;
  2. Hold your phone close to the fingerprint, about 6 inches away. Focus on the print by tapping the screen with your finger;
  3. Check whether your photo is sharp before uploading it with your order

Step 5: Upload the paw print when ordering your jewelry

Like this! You have chosen a beautiful piece of jewelry, made a clear print of the leg and a sharp photo. When you place your order, you can upload this photo. We will then engrave the paw print and attach it to the jewelry. Just a little patience, your most beautiful piece of jewelry will soon be on your doorstep, so that you can carry your faithful four-legged friend with you forever.


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