From what age earrings?

Earrings: what little princess doesn't dream of them? At KAYA we love earrings for little girls, take a look at our wide range of earrings for children . From unicorns to ladybugs, every lady has a favorite set. To wear these popular KAYA earrings, she must of course have pierced ears. In this article you can read everything about the care after shooting the holes. This way she can safely wear all KAYA earrings afterwards.

What age earrings?

What is the right age for your child to have cavities for the first time? Opinions are quite divided on this. One mother wants to wait until her child indicates that she wants the earrings, the other can't wait to see the cute earrings in those little earlobes. But which is the most sensible?

In the Netherlands there is no minimum age for earring holes. But often jewelers have set an age themselves. There are shops that start pricking as early as 2 days after birth, while others like to wait until the children are 6 years old. From that age on, it is a conscious choice of the child itself. When you can give a child earrings is still a big discussion point. One thinks it's sad for the child and the other thinks it's great. Opinions differ per person and per culture. In some cultures it is common for children or babies to get cavities at a young age. To make a choice, you can make this consideration: do I let my child decide for himself or do I decide for him or her?

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ulcer buttons

After shooting the holes, special ulcer buttons are placed in the ears. These buttons are often made of surgical steel or titanium, fine materials that prevent inflammation in the ears. In addition, the ulcer studs are slightly longer and thicker than the normal earring. This ensures that the hole does not become smaller, so that it will not grow closed.

The jeweler may indicate that the ulcer studs should be worn for eight to ten weeks. At KAYA we recommend a period of 9 months. This prevents inflammation and ensures that the holes will no longer grow closed. After this period, you can carefully replace the earrings. You prefer to stick to the materials surgical steel, titanium or .925 sterling silver, do not wear earrings that are too heavy and do not change the earrings too often.

Spin and care

After shooting the holes, the ears may be a bit sensitive. This is not surprising and no reason to worry. It is of course important to take good care of the ears. You can disinfect the earrings twice a day with a saline solution. Make sure to use this solution on both the front and the back around the hole. To prevent clogging, you can carefully turn the moist earring slightly, so that the saline solution also ends up on the inside of the hole. Make sure you do this with clean hands! Use this saline solution for at least as long as the ulcer buttons are worn.

Inflamed cavities

Do the ears unexpectedly become inflamed or irritated? We recommend that you take off the earrings and keep the hole clean. Unfortunately, some children have sensitive ears or have an allergic reaction to them. Keep a close eye on the ears; does the irritation go away? It is then very wise to pay a visit to the doctor.

Finally, new earrings!

After 9 months, the ulcer buds can be removed, provided everything has gone well, of course. YES! The little girl can finally start wearing her favorite earrings. It is best to start with buttons, in any case do not wear heavy earrings the first year. At KAYA you have come to the right place, our range is huge and all earrings are made of .925 sterling silver, you will undoubtedly find a suitable set here. From cool unicorns and rainbows to sweet butterfly earrings , something for everyone!

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