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SALE ★ ★ Silver pearl earrings 'Snowshite' 4x5 mm

€17,90 €7,00 Incl. tax
4 WORKING DAYS. Packed in pouch + silver polishing cloth + Greeting card for your message
Article number: R8B54
€17,90 €7,00 Incl. tax
♥ Packed in a pink gift box with silver cleaning cloth, as ready to give!
♥ By KAYA jewelery donates an amount of foundation Eduki so that a child in Gambia to school.
♥ The earrings are made of real silver (grade 925). This is the first grade silver and still very beautiful.

Because of its shape and inscrutable luster pearl is true in many cultures as a symbol of eternity, beauty of spirit, wisdom and immortality. They are located on the inside of shells in response to a piece of sand which enters the shell. The mollusc then deposits a layer of calcium carbonate on the grain of sand, in the form of minerals. The layers are by a horn-like substance cemented together. It is estimated that a pearl is in one in 15,000 wild oysters. Therefore, nowadays cultivated almost all pearls. For this, put a small grain of pearl in the oyster and the pearl can be harvested after two years.