Safety advice KAYA Children's Jewellery

Jewelry for small children should always be under supervision, it is not safe to just let children under 3 years with a babyarmandje or other children's jewelry. This applies for all jewelry brands out there on the market.

Sturdy design wire

We do everything to make the jewelery as firmly as possible. We use the strongest steel wire that on the notes is
49 twisted steel wires (especially for professional jewelry design). It is both flexible and very sturdy, so fine for small children. My youngest daughter Sanne of 5 {our tom-boy family} is my volunteer to test all models;) She wears the bracelet over the whole day (playground, jumping, climbing, running). Only when the bracelet by the "Sanne test 'comes, it comes to my website.

So wear the children's jewelry is always under supervision

Despite our jewelery is made as safe as possible, with longevity in mind, is not a single piece of jewelry unbreakable. Because our children's jewelry containing small parts, we suggest that a child under 3 years of her beauty always wears under supervision. Have a baby or toddler not only with jewelry. Remove the jewelry while playing before they bathe and obviously for sleeping.

Baby Jewelry For the little-ones

For the littlest ones we recommend the baby bracelet seen as a keepsake, as a reminder of her birth, baptism or first photo shoot. For small children, the jewelry is not intended for daily use.