What Size for Children’s Jewelry Should you Choose?

For normal stature children, you can choose the size chart. If you want to be more certain when you order, and for more convenience, you can first measure the wrist of your child before you order.

Comes with Extension Chain

We know that the size issue might be confusing, and so in many of the children’s jewelry, there is an extension chain of approximately 3 inches. By this way you will be assured that the product you get will, will always fit. And if it happened that you got a piece of jewelry that you found it doesn’t fit your child, you can always exchange it with another one of a different size and for free!! All what you will have to pay is the postage of returning items!

How to Measure the Right Size?

First get a ribbon or a string, turn it fairly tight to the wrist (just above the wrist bone). Then put the string next to a ruler and read get the correct measurement.

For Children: approximately 1 cm
For Adults: about 1.5 cm

Is it a Gift? Or you Don’t Know How to Get the Measure?

Below is a table of average sizes for baby and children’ jewelry

  • 0 month – 6 month : 11cm
  • 6 month – 2 years : 12 cm
  • 2-3 years : 13 cm
  • 4-5 years : 14 cm
  • 6-7 years : 15 cm
  • 8-9 years : 16 cm
  • 10-15 years : 16.5 cm

Measurements of Children’s Necklaces

Sometimes you will need to choose a dress for your child so as to be fit with the jewelry that she is wearing. You should get the correct measure so as to be assured that the jewelry they are wearing fit them. You can use a ribbon or a piece of string and put it around the neck of your child to get the correct measurement for a necklace.