Sisters jewelry, confirm your band!

My sister and I have a very special bond. She's just some more stubborn and tougher than me, and very sweet. Together we have been through a lot, we were there for each other. She was also the one who encouraged me to start my own jewelry line. In honor of my sister Rianne I designed a collection for 'sister love. " Because sisters out there forever!

For small adult sisters and sisters!

Almost all the pieces are available in both child size as in women's sizes! Because whether you're old or young, sister love ... that's forever! Wear with pride this sisters and jewelry shows that you belong together.

Side by side, or miles apart, we are sisters, connected by the heart

Time and distance mean nothing between sisters. We are always in eachothers heart. Symbolise this beautiful spell with a magnificent jewel-sisters, one for you, one for her. To summarize your special bond in a piece of jewelry and every day just thinking about each other.

★ Almost all sisters jewelry: 1 day delivery

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