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Bridesmaids & Bridal Jewelry, for your beautiful day

Bridesmaids, bridesmaids or your daughters. They feel solid mini-bride, she's Day will find exciting. Let your honor rays with a glittering bracelet of genuine freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal and silver items. Quite particular; each piece of jewelry KAYA also designed a version for Mom, as everyone can see that you belong together!


Mom & daughter bridal jewelry to shine together

A Mom & Me set consists of a bracelet for mom and her daughter. A sweet and unique gift for each bridesmaid and her mom. Choose two convex hearts symbolizing love. Or give the symbolic "key to my heart" bracelets, bracelet on the child a key, to which a lock of Mommy. So the little girl wears the key to Mom's heart, how sweet is that?

Bridesmaid with flowers in her hair

Not only the bride, but also the honor, of course, hear from top to bottom to be nicely styled for this day. The hair of the children are important. Besides being herself gets extra attention, it is the accessories that make it. KAYA Jewelry has several straps for her the most beautiful bridesmaids. Dear silk flowers in the most cheerful colors give your wedding that little bit extra. An absolution must have the garlands for the hair, the little girl transform into a real princess. The wreaths are available in various designs and sizes.

With a charm 'thank you' or 'maid' quite special

A bridal jewelry gem is a beautiful gift that she can handle the big day. You can make the bracelet even more personal by hanging on a charm bruidsbedeltje (€ 3.95 extra). How about 'honor', 'thank you' or 'I love you'. Every bride gem comes in a wide and sieradenbuideltje, so it is equally ready to give. Then the bridal jewelery is a special memory of her big day.