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bridesmaid jewelry

Your niece, sister and best friend: they all helped you as a bridesmaid in the run-up to your wedding day. From selecting the dress to making the thanks and the fantastic organization of your bachelor party. A precious thank you is in order and thanks to a KAYA piece of jewelry you immediately give them a radiant accessory for the wedding . In our collection of bridesmaid jewelry you will find a suitable piece of jewelry for everyone. From golden bridesmaid jewelry for your cool sister to a subtle bracelet for your best friend. In the end, all jewelry says the same: thank you for your unconditional support & love.

Bridesmaid asking gift

Are you getting married soon and do you want to ask your dear friends, sister or niece to be a bridesmaid? Surprise them with a unique and personal gift for bridesmaids and they will definitely say yes! From a sweet card with a personal text to her favorite snack: these are all fun ideas to ask the bridesmaids. But, with a piece of jewelry for bridesmaids you can make a tangible and lasting memory at KAYA: by means of a personalized piece of jewelry you ask these sweet girls to support you in the run-up to the big day. They will be surprised with this special and meaningful gift.

Personalized bracelet bridesmaid

Almost every woman is happy with a unique and personalized bracelet. Especially when the bracelet carries a valuable meaning. At KAYA you therefore shop personalized bracelets for bridesmaids. You can have a personal text engraved on every bridesmaid bracelet. From thank you for your support to will you be my bridesmaid? and a loving i love you . A radiant smile will undoubtedly appear on her face when she opens the luxurious jewelry box. Not only you, but also your bridesmaids will soon be beaming with happiness. The bridesmaid bracelet will be kept for years and worn with pride, how nice is that?

Bridesmaid with pearl bracelet

The classic among bridal bracelets: a bracelet with pearls. These timeless bracelets always remain beautiful and are extremely popular. In the jewelry webshop of KAYA you will find pearl bracelets which consist entirely of strong freshwater pearls and subtle bracelets to which you can add a separate pearl. Whatever you choose, your bridesmaids will instantly fall in love with the bracelet they receive. Packaged with love in a luxurious jewelry box, the bridal bracelet with pearls is a joy to give and receive.

Bridesmaid asking child

Is the bridesmaid you want to ask a little younger? Your daughter or your little niece, for example. Even then you can surprise her with a piece of jewelry from our webshop. At KAYA we specialize in jewelry for mother & daughter, sisters and young girls. There are enough necklaces, bracelets and earrings to surprise the young lady with. How honored and proud she will be that you ask her to be a bridesmaid. Who knows, you might have to explain a few things to her, for example that she can scatter flower petals or bring the rings. Can you see her eyes twinkling yet?

Silver or gold necklace for bridesmaid

Just like you, every bridesmaid has her own taste. So think carefully: are you going for a silver or gold necklace for bridesmaids? Will you add another charm or not? Do you have the necklace engraved and if so, what do you put on it? You can make the necklaces for your bridesmaids all the same, or make them different from each other. You all know these sweet girls inside out, so you know what suits them. So you will definitely make the right choices when it comes to the bridal jewelry for your big day.

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