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Give a baby shower gift with name, make it personal!

Choosing a baby name? Quite a task for the upcoming daddies and mommies. But eventually the birthcard with the name chosen after much deliberation falls through the mailbox.  How special is it to commemorate the carefully chosen name on the baby shower gift? This gift is definitely really personal and shows that you have done effort for something special. A baby shower gift with name stands high in the list of most given gifts to new parents (source: Kids Today).

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baby shower gift with name and date of birth, a tangible reminder for later

KAYA jewelry has in recent years specialized in baby shower gifts by name. We personalize charms, bracelets and necklace for baby name and birth date. A wonderful unique baby gift that is not only beautiful to wear, but also a tangible memento for later. By extension chain we assemble all baby bracelets will it last a few years. Then it goes down in a jewelery box for later, together with its first shoe, and the first lock of hair. To remember how small she was.

Studies have shown: personalized gifts are favorites

A study has shown the following baby shower gifts as favorites (Source: Kidztoday). As a top 3 came out: gift certificates (27%), a personalized gift (20%), such as an ornament with the name of the baby on it or clothing in size 62 (19%). Followed by books, toys, rompers and care products.
Henceforth lets personalize an ornament with the name of the small cosmopolitan, and you're definitely good when you visit the baby shower!

How sweet, a baby bracelet with her name engraved

An extra feature is that the bracelets now can also be personalized with a name charm example, text charm with personal message or letter of the first name of the child. Huge fun during her first photo shoot or anniversary. And, of course, is also thought to the mother; each baby bracelet is a matching bracelet available mama. Ideal to surprise a new mother with a special gift. The baby bracelets are very cute to wear and later form a tangible reminder of infancy.

From Baby to Mom bracelet, free engraving name

KAYA has an extensive range of maternity gifts by name. For every budget we have what, how about a silver baby bracelet containing the baby engraved her name? Or a set that both baby and mom can both wear. So the baby bears for example the name of her mother, and the daughter of love. Or go for a silver necklace for mom, so she named her baby close to her heart proud. So you're looking for a baby gift with name? Then you succeed at KAYA jewelery sure;)