Text rings - for your own personal message

Your name or message to be seen! Therefore KAYA engrave personal texts on the outside or inside of wonderful text rings! Available in .925 silver and white or black steel. The width of the ring up to you. Looking for a special gift for your dear mother, best friend (s) or for your special sister? Whether you want to treat yourself once in a nice piece of jewelry? Then choose a text ring KAYA, a particularly lasting and personal gift!

Engrave names or a person truly in your message ring

A text can be the names of your children, a special verdict, or a beautiful sentence. Text rings are mega trendy! They are unique mama rings, friendship rings, wedding rings and a gift for yourself and everyone you hold dear.

Which ring size you choose?

Measure a ring with a ring size, eg a jeweler. O f order here a ringenbos for € 2.95. Then you can quietly at home figuring out the right size. We have the finest fonts selected for you. Choose from 6 different fonts. Ornamental letter to very modern. So you get the ring completely personal.

Friendship Rings: your names engraved in two rings

The studio of our engraver specializes in the manufacture of silver rings with engraving. The engraving is put in our workshop according to the best and latest methods in your ring. Names4ever has a modern workshop which is at the forefront in technology and quality. Engravings are always put hand by a goldsmith. Because handicraft stands for class, durability and quality. Not only couples in love, but also best friends, or mother and daughter can now walk with the name of the other.

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