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Jewelery of children's drawing or favorite photo

Convert children's drawings or photo to a jewel? And that for a great price? This can be done at KAYA jewelry. How does it work? Make your most beautiful memories in a jewel. Think of a child's drawing , grandma's signature or a picture with your loved one . A unique and precious jewelery, with a memory that will cherish you forever.

Made of door-and-door silver, forever beautiful!

Known from Happinez, KEK Mama, Libelle, Bride, WIJ, Veronica, Fabolous Mama

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Photo chains, carry your dear close to you

Photo jewelry gives you the chance to wear someone as close as you can. Change your favorite photo to a jewel so you always carry the picture and memory. The photo chains we offer in different price ranges, so that there is something suitable for everyone. We use stainless steel (for a stronger look) or 925 sterling silver, forever beautiful. If you do not like chains, then a photo keychain is a good alternative and also a nice gift for the dads!


Wat a fun idea! Take a drawing of your child and make it a piece of jewelry.

You send a children's drawing and KAYA jewelry makes it a jewelery made for real-time silver. Tanja from KAYA jewelry says "Full fantasy and sweet touches draw my own children. As a result, the idea is to pour this into real silver. What proud mother does not like this now? Each piece of jewelry is unique and is made especially for you by means of the drawing you provide. "KAYA offers the ability to convert a children's drawing into a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will undoubtedly carry.

Convert children's drawing to a piece of jewelry

When converting children's drawing, KAYA returns as much details as possible. Only sometimes we leave details away (like thin lines) because it becomes too vulnerable. The original character of the drawing will of course be retained as much as possible.

A precious ornament, with his or her signature

A beautiful way to wear a loved one forever is by showing his or her signature in a necklace or bracelet. A very personal piece of jewelry, with a sentimental meaning. For example, choose a piece of text from your grandfather, or go for the beautiful signature of Grandma so that they are close to you forever!