The most precious gift for your mother? Give Mom a gift Jewellery

Looking for a mommy gift? Her birthday because she is always there for you or simply because she is the best mom in the world? You can find many silver mommy jewelry , mummy necklaces, pendants mother to silver rings engraved with children's names. A great gift for the sweetest mom. This mommy gift she wears it with pride! KAYA is known for its fine price (including free engraving). Choose to engrave her mother ornament personally by kids names or, for example, the birth of her baby. So you have a wonderful gift for a mom pasbevallen mom or just the sweetest mother!

Gift for your mother? Give a piece of jewelry with special meaning

Are you looking for a sweet and original mommy gift? Give mom a gift ornament and create a caedeau invaluable. KAYA really makes silver mommy gifts with names, words or special dates. Mommy jewelry is a tangible reminder of important events such as birth, friendship or simply because you want to say that she is the sweetest mother in the world! Select your mama ornament with a message or a silver chain with engraved text. Each and every mother gifts that she will wear proudly and will forever cherish the memory of an important moment. The KAYA jewelry are perfect when Mom gift! A lot more original than a bodysuit or hug you? And at least you know for sure that this jewel saved (and act) is!

Mom necklace, your children always wear close

KAYA sells mommy necklaces , name charms, pendants birth and many more mother's jewelry for a cheaper price than the jeweler. Why? Because we rent a shop, do not advertise and have no employees. For our mommy jewelry work with an engraver with over 10 years experience supplier of many juwliers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Equal quality for a much lower price so. All mother's jewelry made of sterling silver, with clasp, charm pendant to. This mommy gift will last a lifetime. So mom wears her loved ones close ... forever!

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