Mamakado or Gift for Mother? The order 10 see you here!

Mamakado Mamakado with meaning, for the sweetest mother!

Are you looking for a mamakado, a special gift for your mother? Her birthday, because she's always ready for you or just because she's the dearest mom of the world? See below our silver mummy jewelry with engraving and Swarovski ® birthstones. A beautiful gift for the loveliest mom, this mamakado wears her with pride close to her heart! KAYA is known for its fine prices, free engraving and fast delivery. And of course, luxurious wrapped, ready for gift.

Known from Happinez, KEK Mama, Libelle, Bride, WIJ, Veronica, Fabolous Mama

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Gift for your mother? Give a piece of jewelry with special meaning

Are you looking for a sweet and original mamakado? Give a mom's gift present and create a gift invaluable. KAYA really makes silver mama gifts with names, words or special dates. The mommy jewelry are a tangible reminder of important events like birth, friendship or just because you want to say she's the sweetest mom of the world! Choose a mommy ornament with a message or a silver necklace with engraved text. Piece of mother gifts that they will wear with pride and forever will cherish as a memory at an important moment. The KAYA jewelry is perfect for mama gifts ! A lot more original than a romp or hug? And you know at least that this jewelry is kept (and worn)!

Mama chain, always carry your children

KAYA sells mama chains , name tags, birth hangers and more mother jewelry at a cheaper price than the jeweler. Why? Because we do not rent a store, do not advertise and do not employ any staff. For our mommy jewelry work with a engraver with more than 10 years experience who is a supplier of many juwliers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Equal quality for a much lower price so. All mother jewelry is made of Sterling Silver, lock, charm to pendant. This mamakado is a whole lifetime. That's how Mama carries her loved ones near ... forever!

The most beautiful gift for mom is nipples around her neck

Are you looking for a present for mom ? The love between mother and her children is forever, nothing is more beautiful than childbirths around her neck. This feeling has been the inspiration for KAYA's mother jewelry collection. Give her a beautiful mamakado by engraving a jewelry specially for her. Do you want to have a birthstone? Check out our collection of birthstone jewelry. Everything is possible, of children's names, birth dates or a special word. With this gift for mother she carries her children close to her heart. So you really want to unpack for a present for your mom, give her the most beautiful gift for the sweetest mom.

Mama jewelry, a unique gift with special engraving

Mama jewelry are a tangible memory of special events such as birth or birthday. Or just to carry your children near you. At KAYA you can personalize silver jewelry with child names, words or special dates. The most beautiful gift for every mother. Piece made of the most beautiful materials such as sterling silver and Swarovski (birth) crystals. The love for your children enclosed in a special ornament, how beautiful is that? Also a beautiful mother's gift to give for the holidays. Also let you capture your story in a unique and personal jewel.

Mamakado made of sterling silver

Of course, you want your mama gift to be a lifetime. That is why we make all our mommy jewelry with children's names, birthstones and birth date of .925 silver. This will take a whole lifetime, and easily re-polish with the supplied jewelry binder. We pack the mama jewelry for luxury in gift boxes or jewelry pads, so you can give it to the sweetest mom!