Mother's Day gift for moms with 1 child


Great gifts for mom with a child!

The first time she becomes a mom , how special is that? Give a gift as a daddy dad that she can carry with her forever and will cherish. Below you will see all the jewelry in a row for mothers with one child. Made of door-and-door silver , forever beautiful and a tangible memory. What will she radiate when she opens her package!

Known from Happinez, KEK Mama, Libelle, Bride, WIJ, Veronica, Fabolous Mama

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A beautiful gift for moms with 1 child   

A jewel that is worn with pride and close to the heart. KAYA gives the best tip for Mother's Day 2018 . Give her a silver bracelet " forever with me " from the Infinity line with a two-sided engraving charm. How symbolically, the children's names are engraved in an ornament. The cool and beautiful engraved beads of KAYA symbolize Mama 's love story .