The Mama Jewelry Online Shop, the most beautiful mamakado

Are you looking for a sweet gift for your mother? Give a symbolic necklace with name or a bracelet with name or other mother jewelery. Whether you have just become a mom, or have already walked three little ones, Mom are you forever! Nothing is more beautiful to wear mommy jewelry that symbolize the love for your children. With a jewel of KAYA, you show that you are a proud mother, and love her to the moon and back. Her birthday because she's always ready for you or just because she's the sweetest mom of the world? Give her the most beautiful mom's gift, a personalized mom's jewel!

Mama jewelry, give you her most beautiful gift?

Her birthday, maternity, mother day or just because she is the dearest mom? Nothing is more beautiful to give a jewel that symbolizes the love for her children. What a beautiful gift for mothers . At KAYA, you can be sure with the wide collection of personalized jewelry mama jewelry for (almost) mothers and grandmothers. From birth hangers with baby name & date, pedigree necklaces, Swarovski birthstone jewelry to engraved bracelets. All jewelry are made of sterling silver and are luxuriously packed. And it's nice, the prices are also lower than a jeweler.

Mama necklace, carry your children near you!

Below you will find a lot of silver mama jewelry, a sweet gift for your mother: jewelry with name, birthstone jewelry, mama bracelets , mama chains , pedigree jewelry for mothers, and more! Beautiful mom jewellery . Each mama jewelery is exclusively made for KAYA in a Dutch studio with years of experience in the manufacture of quality engraved jewelry. Not for nothing, this studio is a major jeweler supplier throughout the country. KAYA is famous for the great collection of jewelry for mothers, great prices and super fast delivery. Personalize it by engraving the children's names, compose a birth pendant or give her a birthstone pendant gift. That's how you have a wonderful souvenir for a mom or just the best mom!

Mother jewelry of KAYA, always engraved free

Are you looking for a beautiful gift for mom ? A special mamakado that you have chosen with care and that every mother loves? KAYA makes engraved pendants, textures, mama chains and more mommy jewelry at a much cheaper price than the jeweler. Why? Because we do not employ any staff, do not rent a store and do not advertise. For our jewelry work with a engraver with more than 15 years of experience, which is the supplier of many jewelers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Equal quality for a lower price so. All mommy jewelry are made of Sterling Silver, lock, charm to pendant. This mother's gift goes a long way, and with the included silver wiping cloth the jewelry will shine again as if it were new. That's how Mama carries her loved ones near ... forever!

Jewelry for mommy, give her a symbolic necklace

The most beautiful jewel for mommy is childbirth around her neck! There can not be any piece of jewelry. KAYA tries to match this feeling with special mama chains. Thus she carries her greatest love close to her heart. What do you think of a mama necklace in which we dig the names of her children, or a bracelet with birth date. Or celebrate the birth of a child with a silver birthstone necklace, each month has its own color and crystal. Whichever mummy's jewelery you choose, you're sure to be one of these maternity jewels.

All mommy jewelry are made of .925 silver and luxury wrapped

All mama jewelry from KAYA are made of Sterling silver. This is the highest quality silver, so your mother's jewelry will last for a lifetime. Because our mommy jewelry is often given by fathers, we pack everything nicely in silk pads or gift boxes. If you do not impress Mama!