Mother & Daughter Necklaces, for you and your Diva!

Your little girl is becoming a real diva! She imitates you and use your heals and makeup which is not safe. For these aspiring little divas, KAYA has made Mom & Me Necklaces jewelry collection, by which you can enjoy more being her idol!


Shine Together!

Check out our wonderful necklaces collection for mothers & Daughters. You and your little girl will shine with our necklaces that are made of real pearls, Swarovski crystals, and symbolic charms. Your daughter wears the key, you wear the lock, she will forever wears the key to your heart! We know that little divas are crazy about everything that glitters in pink, and so we used pink a lot in our designs for them.  In addition to the love and purity in the pink color, it symbolizes the sweetness of the mothers and daughters bond.


Necklaces for Two Daughters?

If you have two daughters, of course you can order an additional jewelry piece for your second princess. You can find this option in the menu. If this option isn’t indicated, or you just have something else in mind, send us at:


Necklaces for Two Ladies?

Because of the special sweet meaning of this collection of jewelry, I usually receive lots of request for 2 parts of ladies necklaces. You can order this and for no extra cost!

1-      Choose your daughter’s length
2-      While at checkout, specify in comments that you want a ladies’ necklace instead a child’s necklace, then choose the desired length. And that is it.

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