Mommy and Baby jewelery, the best baby shower gift for mothers!

My Baby jewelry with matching mommy jewelry is the perfect baby shower gift for any brand new mom! Together lovingly attached, now and forever. A Mom & Me set consists of a bracelet for mom and her newborn baby. Choose two convex hearts that "I love you" mean. Or give the symbolic "key to my heart" bracelets, the baby bracelet a key and a lock to that of mother. So the little girl wears the key to Mom's heart, how sweet is that? That is certainly a more original baby shower gift or just another bodysuit .... if you do it does not impress!

Baby jewelry, unique baby gift for the birth of a baby

KAYA makes her baby bracelets hand of extremely strong 49-strand wire with nylon coating. This is not just destroy! To have many years of pleasure from the baby shower gift we mount a strong extension chain to each baby bracelet. For example, your baby for a while pleasure from her baby shower gift. Want to adapt to the mother baby set? For example, change a charm? Because everything is made by hand, this is often not a problem. The quickest is to a chat (button at the bottom right). Or send an email to

Baby gems, adorable to wear now, a tangible reminder for later

KAYA makes all newborn bracelet piece by piece of real freshwater pearls combined with precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Great fun for her chubby polsje during her first photo shoot or birthday. So the baby jewelery is a tangible reminder for later, to look back again along small she was when she wore this tiny bracelet.

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