Cooperation Bloggers

KAYA jewelry designs and maatk children's jewelry to remember special moments such as the tangible
birth of your (grand) daughter. Her christening, birthday, for a maid, or the Communion of your godchild. All wonderful moments for a special jewel.
Additionally KAYA grows its collection Mama jewelry. With over 200 products KAYA has one of the largest collections Mama jewelry online.

Want something reviewing or organize a giveaway?

We often work with bloggers in order to bring our jewelry's attention. It's a nice win-win cooperation form, you will receive a piece of jewelry sent free of charge from us and you have great content for your blog. And we come to the attention of online shoppend Netherlands & Belgium.

Would you like to collaborate? Send an email to [email protected] Please indicate what the URL of your blog is, what jewelry you want reviewing, and the number of unique visitors per month (Google Analytics screenshot). Thereby also indicate whether it is a review or a competition.

Press Release for editors

A few times a year we send out a Press Release to Press, Journalistsen and Bloggers file. Do you want to come here also, mail to [email protected]